A Few Things To Note

I bet you’re wondering if I just let the hubs take over and that was the end of it for the blog. Not so! I just have nothing profound to say, besides after that master piece theater what more could compare to that?

I did want to note some of the funny random things my kids have said as of late. It just needs to be documented.

BossyBoy(5) “Mom, going to sleep is a waste of my time” I’ll remind him of this in about 10 years.

BB is also quite the inquisitor and analyzer of things. (I love this age) He was discussing with his brother about sleep and dreaming. “Gameboy, does sleeping with one eye open mean you’re day dreaming?” Of course, that totally made me start singing Metallica.
Then when I was getting him out of the shower and dried off; he mentioned he had soap germs, and that at his school the library has this stuff that kills “ninety- nine ninety- nine point ninety- nine nine germs. Did I mentions he’s a little reader?

Since we live near the Air Force Base we see a lot of Awacs coming in for a landing constantly right over our head as we go down a certain street. I guess we hadn’t really driven by right as one was landing on our heads to land. He believed that plane had to be the king of the planes.

Then there’s my Wonder Boy who has become quite the joke writer. This kid is probably going to be the next Robin Williams of his generation. He is constantly working on his “schtick” He has his duds and then some really good ones. I figure I better note a few.
-What is Peter Pan’s favorite restaurant? Wendy’s
-What is the moon’s favorite day of the week? Sunday (We told him he should say least favorite day..but close enough
-What’s a pirates favorite restaurant? Arrrrby’s (I realize this one wasn’t original but I’m pretty sure he didn’t hear it or know that there’s such thing as Pirate day. Oh and please don’t tell because I’ll never hear the end of the pirate jokes.


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