The hubbys side

My side of the story…

First off, let me say how we normally pick food at our house.

Clayton – So Honey, what would you like to eat tonight?
Jean – Oh I don’t care. Anything is fine.
Clayton – Jean, just tell me what you’re hungry for?
Jean – Oh, it doesn’t matter.
Clayton – Grumble.

Now on the day in question, my wife had come home after a day of work and she was talking about two restaurants. One was Teds, the other was Irma’s. She was talking about each restaurant and how much she wanted to go to each, so I inquired about each one. Teds, an Italian restaurant seemed a bit expensive, and since we are on a budget, seemed a bit pricey for a non special occasion food. In addition, Jean had told me that there is always a long wait to be seated. Jean knows I hate to wait to be seated. Irma’s, a burger joint, sounded better (cheaper) and no wait.

So I checked on where Teds was, Jean looked it up and reported it to me. Then I said “It’s kind of expensive, and we are on a budget.” Jean responded with “Let’s do it on Mother’s day”. I agreed and asked her to look up Irma’s. Jean looked it up, as well, even telling me some of the items on the menu for Irma’s. While she was looking up the address to Irma’s, I told her “You know what I have craving?” Jean rolled her eyes and asked “What?” Cracker Barrel is a place Jean likes to eat, as well and I was kind of craving it, so I told her “Cracker Barrel”. But after a few seconds, thought that it would be something we could eat on the weekend with the family since Jean’s mom and dad kind of likes the food there too. With that being the case, I stated “I tell you what, let’s just do Cracker Barrel this weekend, instead.” So we are off to get into the car to go eat.

I didn’t know where I was going so I asked my wife for the directions. We finally pulled up to the location. Ummm. The restaurant we pulled up to was Teds. So I looked at my wife and said “Why are we here?” After about 20 exchanges of my wife saying she thought I wanted to eat at Teds, even though we had decided to eat there on Mother’s day instead, I finally said “Fine, let’s just go in.” Jean didn’t know where Irma’s was and she kept saying “No… We can eat somewhere else and save this till Mothers Day.” After another 3 minutes of “Let’s just go in” and “No, we can go somewhere else”, we drove away.

So I asked my wife again what else she wants since she didn’t know where Irma’s is. So we drove up and down the road waiting for my wife to find a different place to eat. And we drove. Not a peep from my wife. Just about the end of the road, we found a Souper or Salad. It is a place we normally like to go. The only problem is my lovely wife has a problem with eating a similar food in a passage of a week. That means, if she has eaten the same type of food within the week, she will complain and bellyache about eating it a second time if she has to. Since she happened to have some soup and salad for lunch, that means it is unacceptable to eat it till next week. So we continued to drive.

So we passed about 40 restaurants. No comment from my wife till we ran out of restaurants along the road. Growing quite irate, I told her to “pick one or I would”. She said “There was one restaurant back there I wanted to try (which she didn’t mention when I passed it).” So we went to the restaurant.

An Italian restaurant, a surprise there (being sarcastic). From the outside, you could tell this was definatly not a common restaurant and not fast food. Entering it confirmed it. “So my wife is really hard up for Italian it seems”. So we go in.

Lowered lights. White Tablecloths with burning candles. A winery list. Yeah… we are definitely going to stay within the budget with this meal. So we are seated. When getting the menu and seeing that there was nothing under $15, needless to say, this didn’t please me much. I mean, when you make a budget, you shouldn’t really try and honor it. And I am quite sure my wife is trying to make me pay for not taking her to Teds even though she said to wait.

So while I am stewing about the prices here, my wife tells me what she is going to order. I am going to have Lasagna, in this expensive Italian restaurant, she wants….. Fried Chicken! You have got to be kidding me. $18 bucks for fried chicken at an expensive Italian restaurant. Was the last straw there my folks.

After spending $75+ for a single meal, it was at least good food. But hard to enjoy a good meal with my wife who is still looking innocent while she is laughing her butt off on the inside.

My wife should teach classes on how to piss off their husbands. While I love her to death, I am sure I need to increase my life insurance soon, because she will probably drive me into the grave 😉

I really do love you Jean.


7 thoughts on “The hubbys side

  1. For clarity’s sake a few things to note,
    -I had no idea he didn’t know Ted’s was Mexican.
    -The fried chicken was $14.95 thankyouverymuch. Yes, we literally just got into an argument about it.
    Aren’t we a match made in heaven? We could be in a sit com.

  2. Yeah, he needs to stay off the blog because as I was reading, I was totally feeling you and was getting more and more ticked off at him! LOL I feel your pain, Jean, and I am completely on your side!

  3. First… I’m emailing this link to the boy. I told him just last week that we should do this… except I told him to write first and then I would write on the same post just in red (you know, so it was like Jesus was speaking!)

    Second… your hubs and the boy? Totally could start a support group…

    Love it!

  4. I was just about to comment about Teds being Mexican the last time I checked, but I see you beat me to it. ha!

    Yes, this is all too familiar a scenerio for us as well. If we divorce over where to eat, I’m going to blame it on irreconcilable difference. That’s sounds a whole lot better than “couldn’t agree on where to eat,” doesn’t it?

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