My Side Of The Story

Since the hubs is taking way to long to post his side, I had to take drastic measures and take things in to my hands.

I’d just returned from another hard day of work. The kids were spending the week at grandma’s, which means I have no desire to cook ( just like every other day). The hubs offers to let me pick where I want to eat, which is a rarity. I have issues about picking, in other words the hubs and kids always veto me down.
I suggest Teds (A very yummy Mexican restaurant) or Irma’s ( A diner that was featured on foodnetwork) I google up the directions for both since it had been a very very long time since I’d been to Ted’s. The hubs then mentions that we should save Ted’s for a special occasion and go somewhere else. He mentions Cracker Barrel (see how the veto works?), I mention that’s fine, cause it’s a fave of mine and he normally doesn’t do CB.
Setting the scene on how we decide. I thought you might like some visual aides.
Barbies Hip Cousin (BHC): Played By Me (Yes I was able to round up a barbie among a sea of testosterone)
Superman (SM): Played by the devilshly handsome hubs.
All things in parenthesis are things we’re each thinking just so we’re all clear. I totally made up what the hubs was thinking…I’ve given up at this point.

I added subtitles in case you can’t read my lovely text.

We start to venture out, both completely unsure of where the other has in mind. He then asks(exact quote) “Where is this place, anyway?” I instantly think he means Teds, because I know he knows where Cracker Barrel is. So I instinctively give him directions to Teds…you know, clear on the other side of town.

We literally pull right up to Teds and this is how the scene played out.
In case you can’t read it. SM: I thought we we’re going to Irmas? HBC: We don’t have to go to Ted’s, we can go somewhere else.

We sat there for a good 5 minutes arguing deciding what to do.
Superman: (Sigh) We can just go to Teds, we might as well since we’re here.
Barbies Hip Cousin: No it’s ok we can do Teds another day ( my mind, I want Teds..)
Superman: Where else do you want to eat?
Barbie’s Hip Cousin: I don’t know, lets just find something else. (I really want Teds, you’re supposed to insist we eat Teds and not back down. Don’t you know how to read my mind, after all these years of marriage?)
Superman: OK! (Dang it woman you’re going to drive me to the grave..just make up your mind..grumble grumble)
Make up your mind woman!
We pull up in front of Souper Salad (not pictured).
Superman: How ’bout Souper Salad?
Barbie The Hip Cousin: I had soup and salad for lunch..for reals. I never have soup and salad for lunch, maybe a soup, maybe a salad but never both at the same time. (I still want to drink a gallon of queso at Ted’s)
Superman: Grumble Grumble (Grumble..Grumble)

BTHC: How about this one? It looks quaint (Because I know your tired of driving up down the street and it’s getting late and everything will be closed by the time we actually find something)
SM: OK (Looks expensive to me)
3 signs you know the restaurant is not going to be cheap.
1. Lighted candles on the table
2. Tablecloths of the linen variety
3. It’s dark and there’s next to nobody in the restaurant on a Tuesday night. (Oops that was 4)

SM: Where did you take us?
BHC: I didn’t know, how am I supposed to know, I’ve never eaten here before? (It doesn’t say fancy Italian restaurant on the sign. We should really make a break for it before they seat us at the table.)
SM: Grumble Grumble Grumble

SM: We might as well make the best of it. What are you going to have my darling sweet? (Please don’t order anything over $15.00, The spaghetti is only $11.95..the cheapest thing on the menu…get the spaghetti.)
BHC: Oh I thought I might be different and try the fried chicken. It comes with their special Italian sauce. (Why can’t I have chicken at an Italian restaurant? It said on the menu it was their specialty. I’m thinking it’s going to be more like a chicken Parmesan.)
SM: YOU”RE GOING TO EAT WHAT? WE’RE AT A BLEEPIN BLEEPIN ITALIAN RESTAURANT FOR CRYING OUT LOUD?!!!! (My wife has completely lost it and I will never take her out to eat again. I can see it now, we’ll eat at Ted’s and she’ll order spaghetti.)
I think I’ll have the chicken
Waiter: What can I get you guys?
BHC: I’ll have the spaghetti. (I love my husband and would never want to embarrass him or ever try to drive him crazy. If we had eaten at Ted’s we never would have had this problem).

And in the end….

It’s not that bad.                                      See, all this fuss and it was worth it!

The moral of the story folks, is to always know where exactly your going the minute you leave the driveway. Don’t assume anything or always just let the hubs pick.


4 thoughts on “My Side Of The Story

  1. LOL I love that instead of doing laundry or taking a nap, you set this up instead! And it was highly entertaining!

    I guess you learned to just say where you want to eat and be firm! LOL

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