What Were You Doing?

While we patiently wait for my hubs to get moving on that exciting post, I thought I’d distract you with a fun one I found at Out Numbered.

TWENTY years ago I…
1. Was in Jr High (scary)
2. Passing notes in class
3. Probably feeling all kinds of awkward and adolescent and woe is me the world hates me mode.

TEN years ago I…
1. I was prego w/ baby number 2!
2. Getting ready to move from our little house in a new little town to another little house in new little town.
3. Knew that I was “having issues” but had no clue w/in a few weeks I’d have a very sick preemie of a baby. (I can not even believe he’s going to be 10)

FIVE years ago I…
1. was gaga over baby boy number 3 who would be 1 in June.
2. just getting over a crazy season of hurricanes and crazy hours of work.
3. I’m really not sure what else.

THREE years ago I…
1. Started a blog.
2. We took a little family trip to the beach. Sigh beach. Sigh, we’re expected another blizzard this weekend.
3. We got a puppy!

ONE year ago I…
1. was enjoying the life of leisure staying at home and being pre-school teacher to the youngest.
2. making birthday plans for the oldest to turn 10.
3. Having no clue that with in a few short months living the life of Reiley would turn completely upside down.

So far THIS YEAR I have…
1. worked at a type of job I’d never thought I’d work at.
2. bought new appliances for my kitchen
3. survived a blizzard of a snow storm and about to endure another.

1. Worked
2. Worked
3. Worked (I know your jealous that my life is just so fascinating now.)

1. Worked
2. Ate At KFC
3. Grocery shopped to prepare for Spring Blizzard 2010. So upset that my daffodils may freeze to death.

1. Work
2. Pick kids up after being at grandma’s all week
3. Brace myself for a blizzard. Did I mention we’re about to get 3-6 in. of snow Fri. night thru Sat. It shouldn’t be to bad but the wind will make it blizzard like on Sat.

In the NEXT YEAR I hope to…
1. see the hubs find a good job.
2. finish my schooling or almost.
3. find another job that I actually enjoy and be paid decently for it..or be home again w/ my boys (one can dream)

1. Go to work (wah ..I know, I shouldn’t complain…)
2. pray for patience and live on faith to get through another day
3. read blogs and facebook to keep my spirits up.


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