A Few Thoughts On Things…

I just want to give you a fair warning that my hubs will be guest posting “His Side of the Story” on a mis adventure we had in dining out. You all needs to know that I will be inputting “MY SIDE OF THE STORY” shortly after. I told him he could have his say first. Isn’t that sweet of me? I thought so.

A few other thought I have….

Yesterday I heard a commercial on the radio for Slinkies. If l’m lyin I’m dyin. Why is it necessary to advertise on the radio for a Slinky?

I got my census paperwork yesterday and am curious why they consider Hispanic heritage as not a race but a heritage? I get the heritage part but what would one put down for race? What does one do when their adopted and consider themselves “white” as per their adopted parents even though they’ve been told they are of Hispanic/Indian heritage? I’m very tempted to put under the field SOME OTHER RACE I’m going to put ADOPTED -for the hubs of course.

There’s this little thing in the sports world regarding brackets and hoops. Yeah…never mind.

I’m going to mention my nerdship now. I’m really excited about the Life series starting on Discovery this Sunday. Oprah is narrating. My conundrum is that it is at the same time as Amazing Race. I know what you’re saying, there’s this new fangled fancy thing called DVR that is all the rage. Yeah we aren’t that cool around here. We’re stoked to have satellite period. Remember when we lived in North Dallas and had no T.V. what so ever? I’m still wondering how I survived and was at home full time too.

Ok that’s all for now.


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