{Insert Superfluous Whining Title Here}

So I’m feeling pretty blah and sorry for myself right now. I’ve pretty much used up all my vacation time for some dang allergies that of course the hubs was right and I was wrong. It wasn’t anything but “Welcome back to Oklahoma allergies” which I never had before, even when I lived here, but obviously it’s time to have them now. So I was given a plethora of samples and nasal spray and $20 bucks in a co pay later, I’m back where I started. {Whine}

My kids are now on the brink of a week of spring break to play and frolic and just be kids and I had high hopes of frolicking with them at least for a day but was denied because I asked off way to late because everyone else in the department is taking the full week off. I begged for at least a day, which was supposedly going to be today; ironically it happened but not to frolic and enjoy the day. I hope it rains all week next week. {Whine}

To try and make myself feel a little better (I literally typed bitter instead…which is totally true) I rented Julie and Julia. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should! It is a blogger’s movie and we probably would be the only one’s to “get it.” The funny thing is, I related even more with it because of Julie’s occupation (not a chef by the way) it was feel good and yet it kind of just ended with no real ending. The other funny thing is, it didn’t really have a plot or a purpose but a blogger for sure could/would appreciate it. It’s hard to explain. I enjoyed it, it just made me feel bitter-sweet and didn’t make me feel any better. {Whine}

I do hate feeling sorry for myself and writhing in my own misery. Not to mention my dang sinusy/allergy snot which does not help matters; when you’re already full of snot and then you go and start sobbing for no real good reason other than to make yourself more miserable. Woe is me.. I’m just a rambling mess at this point. I’ll spare you all and end it here and hit publish already. I’m sure I’ll regret it later. {Whine}


3 thoughts on “{Insert Superfluous Whining Title Here}

  1. Just saw this post…sorry. If you still feel sick next week, go back to the doctor. They will listen to you more if you are still sick then. I know it’s frustrating and these stupid allergies can make you feel worse than infections!! Take care!

  2. :/ I’ve been feeling similarly blah and I think it’s to do with just not being satisfied with the state of life in our family, i.e. “I want a house I want a house I want a house” mixed with “but I’m not ready yet but not willing to admit it.” So this weekend my husband and I decided to state out loud quite clearly, “We’re not ready.” And even though nothing changed, we felt better afterwards.

    Sometimes it helps to say out loud what the problem is and if possible change something about it, even if it’s just a very small thing… Or I’m wrong or you know all of that but it’s besides the point and jeeze just shut up already Jen! :O)

    I really want to see Julie and Julia but I also keep telling myself I’m going to read it soon…

  3. Oh, gawd! Allergies are enough to make anybody feel that way! I used to have the WORST allergies. I finally just kind of grew out of them the same way I grew into them. Hopefully you will too soon.
    And everybody has whiny periods. You’ll shake it off soon! Promise. 😉

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