A Sick Debate

If you’ve wondered what’s been up with me for the past 4 days (because I know you have…humor me at least) I’ve been on my death bed with some kind of sinus brain clogging mess of a sickness. I’ve been out of commission for 4 days. That’s totally way out of the norm for me. The last time I had this kind of sickness was when Wonderboy was in and out of the hospital his first year. Nothing worse than being too sick to stay in the hospital with your sick kid.

Anyway, because Murphy’s law works the way it does, my sick leave doesn’t kick in until next week. Go figure, especially when I’m rarely sick. At least there is vacation, cause I’m pretty sure we weren’t planning on going on vacation any time soon.

I tried to go in today and only made it half the day. It did not help that they told me I was moving to a new cubicle( no one stays in one place more than a few months-one person has moved desks 12 times in 3 months-true story) and I had to move everything myself. Which on any other day would have been no big deal but when your brain is snot clogged, getting involved with dusty cords and computers does not contribute to my sinus problem.

Here’s the debate between the hubs and I; the hubs thinks it’s just a “sinus thing” and does not need medical treatment. Sleep it off and in a few more days I should be good to go, is his cure(btw I’ve been sleeping it off for the past few days and still a no go). He is after all the allergy/sinus expert. Last I checked though I didn’t see M.D. after his name or E.N.T (ears nose throat..for those not in the know).
I realize he’s had his fair share of allergy/sinus issues and knows all. He thinks that since I’m getting older my sinuses are more susceptible to sinus inflammation. Oh and he wanted me to mention he’s always right….cough…cough..ahem.

The thing is, I DONT normally have sinus allergy issues. When we lived in East Texas home of the pollen, piney tree capital of the universe, I NEVER had a problem. There were days when the pollen would completely cover the windshield of the car and not nary a sneeze. I think it’s a sinus infection that will be easily treated with antibiotics and I will be cured in a day or so.
I’ve got the whole front of my face full of pressure, drainage in my ears of all things, headache, and just feeling completely in a fog, My boogers are clear (you’re welcome for that visual) but I’m actually not getting much production blowing my nose. I’ve got a dry hacky cough that produces nothing. Sneeze fits that don’t do much for me either. I felt a bit feverish today at work but never took my temp..just chills and then burning up off and on. So doc, could you prescribe something?

I plan to go into urgent care tomorrow to prove my hubs wrong
. What do you think? Am I being a big baby after 4 days of my butt being kicked by this cold or whatever it is, or am I legit in thinking I need a look over and hopefully some good strong meds?

In case you were on the fence of who’s side to go with (surely you wouldn’t side with him to begin with), here’s a little extra reasoning to side with me. The hubs and I both were sick with this sinus thing pretty much at the same time. He is on the mend. Me, I want to shoot my brain and the boogers that are clogging it, clean out of my skull.


One thought on “A Sick Debate

  1. Hate to say it but you really need to wait out the full 7-10 days that a virus would take to run it’s course. If you still feel sick after that, it’s safe to say that it’s turned bacterial and then antibiotics is the proper treatment. Taking them before that would not be effective and you would probably feel better, but it would most likely just be coincidence from natural healing. Just remember viruses take a full 7-10 days, so if it goes past that, I use that as my time to go to the doctor. Take lots of vitamins and OJ! BTW, sorry that I didn’t “completely” side with you!

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