Day Book: 03/07

Strange I would have swore I published this… You guys probably didn’t miss it anyway.

Outside My Window: It’s dreery but warm enough to allow us out for a little bit.

I Am Hearing: I was hearing part of Barbara Walters special, and I’m hearing a boy asking me if it’s his turn on the computer, and is it dinner time yet? Dinner? What is this dinner that you speak?

I Am Thinking: I have to fix dinner and have no inspiration. I know you’d think with a new oven I’d be fixing everything. I should, I really should. The problem is if I get up, my channel will be changed and all hope of watching the Oscars/Amazing Race will be out the window. These kids can skip a meal once in awhile, right? Popcorn for dinner?

A Few Other Things To Mention: I’m doing a small makeover to my dining room. I may have mentioned this last week. So far I’ve de-cluttered it a little (not enough) took out the dingy curtains and rug and turned the table around. Oh… and recovered my chairs. Which is a post all on it’s to come. My mom and I also are in the process of doing new drapes. Woo hoo we be stylin.
If you didn’t catch my excitement on facebook, I got to sub in at Bunco on Friday. A bunch of girls I went to high school with hold Bunco once a month, each month is a different theme and let me tell you, these girls take their Bunco seriously. The hostess for that month cooks for us and prizes are handed out and they pay monthly dues to help out with the food/theme/prize costs. I had so much fun and hope to get to sub again sometime. Only a few of the girls I really knew, but it was still fun to get reacquainted. I didn’t bunco but did win a prize for biggest loser (ha! one has to start somewhere). BTW Bunco is so fun and easy but requires 12 people, hence why it takes dedication and subs!
The theme was the 1920’s and since I only had 2 days notice, my options were limited. I was able to beg a good co worker friend for stuff cause I knew she would have exactly what I needed. She had a perfect hat and gloves for a more sophisticated 1920’s girl. It was fab!

Plans For The Week: Not much that I can think of at the moment.

I’m Hoping: I know your going to think I’m crazy (what’s new?) I was listening to my usual drive home from work station and every month they have the numerologist lady come in. This week she did feng shai (I have no idea how to spell it) she was saying that if your looking for work or a career change your supposed to hang a wind chime on your front porch and get rid of 27 things. You needs to know that the wind chime I took down for the winter went up the instant I got home. The 27 things I’m still working on. I figure what can it hurt? It’s not like I’m practicing voo doo. The funny thing is, last night I was scouring the job sites like I do every weekend for the hubs, and found a very good prospective (the well has been dry here lately) so he instantly applied for that puppy, so we’re at a wait and see. Hence my hopes. You never know.

A Picture Thought:
Bunco Girl


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