Cooking Up A Storm

I’ve kept meaning to show off my new oven and rehash all the bells and whistles plus service. Better late than never.

First I’m going to mention that we got our oven at Ultimate Electronics and Appliances. I couldn’t have been more impressed with the service we got.
I came in the store with zero expectations, as I’m used to just going into those kind of stores with nothing more than a “How can we help you?” and nothing much more than that. The sales guy was very knowledgeable about all of his products and you could tell he wasn’t just feeding you a line of bs.
Our main intention was to just scope out the washers/dryers to get an idea of their prices compared to everyone else. I didn’t see any that just flat out shocked me. He did say they do price compare and if something is cheaper they match it plus take an additional 10% off. just like everyone else.
He then proceeded to offer us a bottle of water, even though at that point we weren’t a prospective buyer as we hadn’t made our way to the ovens yet. It doesn’t take much to impress me, but the simple act of offering us a free bottle of water did in fact impress me a lot. You won’t see that happen at  Big Box  or the store that Lowers it’s prices.

You of course know the story of the jaw dropping price we got for our clearance stove but I didn’t mention the warranty. Their 5 year all parts all labor warranty was around $100. A little more than we like to pay for a warranty and on normal occasions we would probably have taken a chance and not gotten it but we’ve also had  our dryer go out (twice)  with in 2 years of buying it and luckily had bought the warranty.  The thing that impressed us with this warranty is that if it’s not used with in that 5 year period they send you a $50 gift card for their store. So you basically get half your money back at the end of 5 years. Never heard of that kind warranty at Big Box.

Wait… did I mention delivery is free all the time, not just every once in awhile for certain items?

Now onto the oven itself.

Isn’t she lovely?
She cooks like expected, everything seems to cook even and at the expected times on directions. Some things like biscuits and frozen pizzas seem to cook faster than expected and casseroles and such cook for about the normal time as before.
The dials are pretty self explanatory and when you punch in your oven temperature ( so high tech) it beeps at you if you haven’t pressed start. That my friends is a smart oven, cause I’ve had my share of turning the temp dial of the oven (which now makes me think of the old rotary phones) and then not actually turning on the oven to bake.
The other thing I find fascinating is the large burners dials actually allow you to use a smaller heat area or a large one. It was kind of confusing at first. If you looked at the dial you would see two highs and two lows.
I loved that when you were pre heating it would show you what the temp is as it was raising to the intended temp. So fancy!

Things do seem to boil faster with new stove…so much so that I over boiled the water for the rice …well I over boiled the rice because I thought I had turned it off and didn’t. Needless to say my oven has now been baptized with it’s first boil over, the very first dang time I used it. I haven’t over boiled something probably since the first few times I ever boiled water. I wasn’t a happy camper.
Here’s where I have to mention clean up. I had high expectations that a glass stove would be so easy peasy to clean up. Not so much. It is easy in one sense but on the other hand if you don’t use the proper glass clean stuff they provided, it looks very streaky and dirty with just water and spray. If stuff sticks to it your supposed to use a razor blade to scrape it off and then use the special sponge and solution to clean it. Which can be a bit of a pain to have to scrape and clean. (I’m going to admit now that when I cleaned up the spill over the burner it was still pretty warm and my micro fiber cloth melted a little on the burner. Bummer Burner! I haven’t been able to scrape all of it off. I think it will if I just give it some time.) Food stuff does seem to come off pretty easy. I do like cleaning it much better than pulling apart burners and getting in the nooks and cranies. I don’t do nooks and cranies very well.
I just don’t have the patience for it.
So far there have been no other side effects of my oven. I love it and love the whole experience we got from it. It was worth every penny.


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