Day Book 2/28

Outside My Window: It’s dark out now but it’s been so nice and sunny this weekend. The boys have spent most of it outside, where they should be.

I Am Hearing: A Crestor commercial (a drug that reduces plaque around your case you didn’t know), which is exactly what I don’t need to hear after just eating a yummy dinner.

I Am Thinking: I love my oven and it is way smarter than I am. More on that later…I plan on doing a whole review post on the oven and company I bought the oven from.

I Am Hoping: That the snow is over for good, but who knows? I’m also hoping to get Wonder Boy and I’s eyes checked, we are long over due, but he needs a specialist so we’ll have to get a referral. I’ve had the same glasses for about 9 years (sad really, and way out of fashion).

Plans for the week: Other than the usual, we’re trying to spruce things up around here. My mother is in the process of making me new drapes and recovering the dining room chairs (yes she has to constantly stay busy doing something). I hope it all ties in together. I think it will.

I Really Don’t Know Much Else: We probably will hold off on flooring probably later this year or if the hubs gets a dream job, whichever comes first.

Picture Thoughts: I finally got out and took some pics this weekend.
We’ve been trapping leprechauns, nothing so far but leprecaun hunting season doesn’t start until tomorrow.

A little football…

I really like this pic a lot in sepia, not so much in color. Amazing what a little change can do. I just love the textures. Realizing that I should have done some color changing on the other pics. Oh well…


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