A Bite of Humble Pie

It’s been an interesting last few days for us on the whole lucking out on a steal of a deal on appliances/electronics. We never intentionally are set to buy certain items but when they practically give it to you at an obscene price, you just can’t turn away.
I mentioned the whole 55 in TV deal, every other electronics place we’ve talked to cannot believe the deal we got for what we got. It’s all about shopping around.

Our main intention in going in all these stores is primarily for a washer/dryer, yet something else catches our eye and we are sold. Today it was an oven. We needed a new oven as the one we have is just a giant albatross that my parents have had since stepping into this house a good 25 years ago. Needless to say, this appliance store did not have the specific model of washer/dryer we want (oh yes we’ve done our homework…and LG’s dryers have this nifty thing where the spinning actually generates it’s own energy…which hello genius…and can only help lower energy efficiency) so we checked out the ovens. The dude went through his whole price matching spiel…which we’ve heard a hundred times. We found this double oven (drool) which is what we’d love to have but kinda out of our price range. I jokingly nudged the hubs showing him our dream oven, the clearance tag still did not have us sold at $1200, even though very reasonable for a DOUBLE SELF CLEANING OVEN (hello lover). The dude snagged the price tag and went to his computer and stated this is the LAST one in the store and we’ll give it you for $799 plus free delivery and hook up(which you can never get for free with these kind of things …did I mention it’s a DOUBLE (meaning 2 ovens, fancy like P.W.’s oven…cause you know she has a double oven) SELF CLEANING OVEN?) cause this is last years model and it has gots to go. The hubs and I both could not believe this was happening again! Needless to say we couldn’t snag it fast enough..well it took the hubs a moment because he literally could not believe what he was hearing.

I say all that not in any kind of braggy look at me were livin it up kind of way. We were very fortunate to have a decent tax refund (thank you 3 kid deduction and so on) and we’ve never really had the opportunity to actually buy new appliances since we were renting the last 12 years. I will say that I was giddy and literally doing cartwheels out of the store. I’m planning on reading it bedtime stories and tucking it in at night, as it is and will be my new baby.
The instant we climbed in the car and about to take off from our awesome steal, still on a awesome price high, a truck pulled up next to us. The gentleman meagerly asked if he could have $14 so that him and his 6mo pregnant wife could stay in a hotel, as they are homeless and have gone to church to church for donations to gather enough funds just to get a room for the night and have come up short. ….and then I swallowed my humble pie whole…gulp. I have to hear similar stories day in and day out regarding “people losing their library privileges” it saddens me, cause I’m in the business of “saving peoples library privileges”. I’ve had to hear people literally crying to me on the phone everyday this week to just help work them out arrangements on “library fine payments” so they can keep their “library privilege” (I realize my analogy is so off kilter but I kind of have to be vague but if you get the jist) We did manage to give them funds and talked to the guy about his situation and that he was a carpenter getting paid $18 an hour down to nothing. Now who knows if his story is legit, but it’s one of those things of “WWJD?” and you have to thank your lucky stars each day and if you can cough up a mere $14 bucks after just getting a steal of a deal on a stove, than you cough up $14 and send them up a little prayer.
I’ll also admit that my giddy cartwheels got knocked out from under me after that and I felt guilty that here I’m purchasing a new stove, when someone else can’t even afford a cheap hotel room to have a bed to sleep in and hot shower. Sigh!


One thought on “A Bite of Humble Pie

  1. That is one heck of a deal you got – you go girl! I’ve officially got oven envy!

    And I think you should be feeling even more rocking because you also helped a family in need – that is just awesome. I wouldn’t feel guilty – we all have our ups and downs in life and you are so deserving of some ups!

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