Day Book Random

Outside My Window: It’s been cold and rainy. I guess it could be worse..

I Am Hearing: Children chattering about chicken boobs? I have no idea.

I Am Thinking: I wanted to mention a few updates. The dogs have been awesome with the shock collar thing. They stay where their supposed to and don’t even think about running off anymore, even for the kids. It’s been awesome. Shock therapy works!
I wanted you all to be assured that I will not quit until I’ve secured something on the job front. I’m still on the fence about even looking into it. I will say that Friday was not a very good day for me work wise. I would blog about it but it kind of hurts my heart and soul and I don’t really want to talk about it. I’m honestly dreading tomorrow.(today wasn’t half bad despite it’s the end of the month and everyone needs to pay their library fine)

I Am Hoping: Monday will be a better day, I have to will it too and keep up a good attitude. There’s no other choice. (Today was a decent day.. I had to take the Boss Boy to get his last shot for a few years…he was not thrilled when waking up this morning to find out his Monday/week was starting out with a shot. I probably wouldn’t have been thrilled either.)
The hubs has applied for a contract job in New Orleans. It would be a 6 month deal which would be hard and sad but desperate times call for desperate measures. We haven’t even heard anything back yet even for an interview, but if he gets it, it gives me a good excuse to visit L (and the hubs too of course) who lives very close. It’s a far thought right now but who knows.

For Now: We’re putting the plans for a floor on hold for now. We scored a sweet deal on a T.V. this weekend and though it wasn’t necessary we just could not pass it up. Who knew that a bigger screen means I can actually read the on screen guide with out my glasses? Oh and we bought a new dishwasher for a sweet deal too. It’s one of those kind that has a disposal inside. Yes I’ve totally had visions of putting a big ol’ piece of cake in there and see how well it works..I won’t though, but I will put it to the test for sure. It’s the little things that excite me. Would it be really bad to just not do dishes until Thursday so I can really test this puppy out? Probably so.

Plans for this week: I’m donating blood on Friday, and the hubs and I are doing our CPR course on Saturday, which I’m really looking forward to. Remember, I got your back in the life saving ninja skillz category. It’s also supposed to be another winter storm either Friday or Sunday. Winter is just never going to end is it?

Picture Thoughts: I’m really slacking in the pics this month. I’m sure I’ve already mentioned that. February is just not a photo fantastic month for me. Here’s my fave pic of my Valentine flowers. Each boy brought me rose…so sweet. To bad their pretty much dead already, that’s what pics are for.


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