What The Cup?

Bare with me as this will probably be one of those “you had to be there” moments.

We went to Bueno tonight for dinner and the boys saw the most shocking site of their lives. Kids riding in a bus at night!!! (insert dramatic Dun Dun Dunnnn music here) The youngest instantly asked; “Why are those kids riding the bus at night?” With out missing a beat the hubs stated that kids who get bad grades not only have to go to school during the day, they also have to go to school at night. You would have thought the floor crashed beneath their feet from their jaws dropping to the floor in shock.

I could not for the life of me stop laughing. I played it off that I was laughing at those poor kids who have to go to school at night. While the shock was still wearing off of the oldest and the youngest, the middle son still going through shock, stated quite loudly “What The CUP IS UP WITH THAT?” yes he said CUP and because we gave a sudden look of shock on our faces from what he said, he then began to explicitly start spelling C – U – P , I said C – U – P! I’m guessing to confirm that he didn’t say something else that sounds similar. We started dying laughing. The hubs then starting saying I don’t want you to see me pee. It took them a few minutes to get that play on words as well. Laughter again ensued.
I still couldn’t get over his initial shock of saying “What the cup?” Needless to say our new phrase is WTC?! What The Cup?
Yes they still are convinced that kids with bad grades also go to school at night.

I know, I know… I just had to share.


3 thoughts on “What The Cup?

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! That? was brilliant! Ought to straighten out some homework duties for a little while anyway.
    I am SO borrowing What The Cup! I am not sure weather you and hubs or the child that came up with that is the winner. 😉

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