Nothing Against New Jersey But…

Wonder Boy is about to begin a hefty project involving a state of his choosing; which will require a presentation report, a salt map of the state in presentation, and a poster board display about his state, the whole 9 yards. I asked him what his top 3 picks would be. He proudly exclaimed “New Jersey!” Uhm… ok. I knew that Oklahoma would be first pick among the class and had high hopes that he may possibly pick Texas since we are somewhat familiar with it and it was his place of birth after all. I admit I had visions of cowboy dress and a Texas sized salt map in my head.

I then began to brain wash inspire him to choose Texas, Florida, or New York you know, the more easily shaped state to do a salt map familiar states. Today he brought home his assigned state. You guessed it, New Jersey.

I’m really not all that familiar with New Jersey. I actually have been there, it didn’t impress me much. No offense to any of those of you who live and love New Jersey. I’m hoping that he can request an alternate state. I’m sure at this point Texas is probably already taken. I’ll take Kansas or Nebraska which could be pretty easily done on a salt map, after all they are just a large rectangle.
Then I thought of a really great idea if my blog friends are up to it and if the teacher allows him an alternate state and it’s not taken. You ready, do you already have an idea of where this going? I would love (would you love) for Wonder Boy to do a report on your home state? If so, do you think you would love to provide us some info on your state; say like maps and brochures that could be used for the poster? Let me know and we’ll get in touch. First, lets cross our fingers that we can change it. If not and someone lives in New Jersey or very familiar with it, than maybe they could send us stuff on it, than you will be my new BFF.
Just let me know in the comments if you want to play along. If I have hundreds tens of you that are overly ecstatic to help, than I will do a random draw. I think this will be really fun and not because I’m going to take over my sons school project or anything. Did I mention Game Boy got 2nd place for his alligator Valentine box? Ahem..
Of course I will update with pictures and a recap cause I’m a giver like that.
BTW! I will need to know like right now..(before Tuesday morning) if you’d like to help and please mention your state because that’s kind of imperative. I pretty much have a good idea of where most of you live cause I’m a stalker like that but let me know anyway. To my Texas friends, we may be out of luck, as I’m thinking that the odds are against us that it’s already picked.
Thanks again guys you’re awesome!


2 thoughts on “Nothing Against New Jersey But…

  1. I would be happy to send you some Mardi Gras beads if he get to change his state to Louisana or maybe some sand from our beaches here in Mississippi. Let me know!

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