We Interrupt Day Book For A Love Letter

This was a letter I wrote to my hubby when we first married or possibly got engaged. It is of course sappy and lovey dovey like love letters tend to be but it’s all still true to this day and I don’t express it enough. By the way, it was in bulleted format which is so totally me. 🙂 Yes there will be side conversation, cause I just can’t control myself.

To: claytonthestud@studmuffin.com (not his real e-mail address yes this was in the letter)
From: pud@pudpoo.com (again not my real e-mail address either)

I just thought maybe you needed a little reminder of how important and special you are to me.

-You constantly remind of how much you love me but we both know who loves the other most!
(As a side note from this letter- MOST is our significant word of choice when it comes to showing our love for each other. I had the word engraved in his wedding ring, which totally proves I do love him most. He has yet to one up me on the who loves the other most war…the more you know)

-Your big brown child like eyes, your smile that sends shock waves through my mind. (my mind huh…)

-Your ability to make me laugh when I am down, and your concern for what is bothering me is always sincere.

-I love you because you always put me first and make me feel like I’m the most important. (this was before kids of course)

-Just because were now married, the romance hasn’t died like people said it would, if anything it’s more alive than ever. (well…this may be a bit of a stretch on both our parts)

-Your support and belief in me is unreal. No one has ever believed in me like you do.

-The way you never want to let me go when we absolutely have to part.

-The way you make me feel so special in your own way.

You’re awesome, don’t change a thing! Except your underwear, and those filthy shorts so I can wash them once in awhile. (Yes, I am quite the comedian, even in a love letter)

Love Forver And Ever Amen,

Your wife

Happy Valentines Dear!


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