Blah Sprinkled With Random and a Dash of Happy

I hate that I’ve let the blog go to the wayside the past few days weeks. You’d think that I was just busy busy and had way more exciting things going on than blogging, sadly that’s not necessarily true.

-The hubs got passed over again, again it was down to two. We won’t dwell on it but just keep on keepin on. No sense in groveling over things that is beyond your control. When it happens it will happen. (These things I must repeat over and over in my head to keep me sane)

-Work is still work. I will briefly mention that some crazy wasn’t to happy about his “library fines” and made threatening comments about explosive devices and our building on the phone (not my phone) it’s been taken up through the proper channels and I’m sure he got a nice knock on his door (at least I’d like to think he did). Don’t mess with the “library” folks it’s just not worth it, even if it’s in jest. Moving on….

-I’ve enjoyed hearing the child like stories of awe from my Texas friends regarding their snowfall. I too had that child like delight with my first snow in forever on Christmas Eve. I got over it real quick though. Oh, something magical appeared yesterday here… a shiny bright orange object appeared in the sky. It was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. Then we had another earthquake..3.2. Not that that has to do with shiny bright objects but than again I have a little A.D.D and well ironically maybe it does have to do with shiny bright objects.

-I mentioned to the hubs that I need some beach say Pensacola like say right now. Come to find out Pensacola had it’s first snow in like 30 years. For the first time ever it was probably warmer in OK than Pensacola Fl. in Feb. Crrraaaazzzyyy!

-I’m looking forward to my Valentine treat on Monday. The kids have to go to school to make up snow days, which delights me beyond anything. The hubs and I are going to see Avatar and go to the Cheesecake Factory. Folks, you must know this right now. They have A RED VELVET CAKE CHEESECAKE at the CHEESECAKE FACTORY (oh it deserves CAPS) and if there is nothing more perfect on this earth than RED VELVET CAKE which is my most favorite cake ever and CHEESECAKE which is also my most favorite dessert that’s not really cake but is cake ever and put them together; I don’t know of a more perfect union than that. Yes I’ve had it, because I eat lunch with some very sweet girls at work, who purchased a RED VELVET CAKE CHEESECAKE from the Cheesecake Factory just so they could share it with their friends at work. How sweet is that?
Needless to say the hubs has been ordered to do this for me on Valentines Day or President’s Day if you want to get technical and I’m pretty sure he know he has no choice or he will fear my wrath.

-Because I am a giver, I plan to do a review on Avatar. I’ve heard so much about it but than again not so much, that I’m really clueless on what all the fuss is about. I haven’t really actually seen “blogger” reviews on it and thought I’d just take matters in my own hands and do it myself. You’re welcome!

-That’s about all I have. We’re still iffy on our flooring selection for the living room. Stuff like this costs money and were not used to actually spending it on things to fix up a house, since we’ve never had that privilege before.


3 thoughts on “Blah Sprinkled With Random and a Dash of Happy

  1. Heard that you should go to that theatre in Moore/Norman area to see Avatar. They say pay the extra money to sit in the “special” section where you get big, comfy reclining seats and they serve you drinks. Heard it was totally worth it!

  2. Sorry about your hubby and his job search. When you go to see Avatar, just think of Disney’s “Pocohontas” movie. Exact same storyline. Just better graphics.

  3. I am exceedingly jealous about the cheesecake factory and the red velvet and the oh my goodness. I wish we had one closer to us – we have to drive to Illinois for that luxury! And I cannot wait to hear how Avatar was – we almost went to see it yesterday for our “date night” but we cheaped out when we found out it would cost almost double the price of all the other movies in theater.

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