Day Book 02/09/10

Outside My Window: Its raining and snow is in the forecast…AGAIN! I can hardly contain my excitement.

I Am Hearing: The news. I’m staying up late to hear the latest on the weather. Sounds like it’s going to come and go, which works for me..I guess.

I Am Thinking: It’s probably obvious what I’m thinking. Spring please? Some beach somewhere..anywhere?

I Am Hoping: We’re getting a decent tax return this year (I guess that happens when your annual salary is literally cut in half). We’re hoping to sock some away and get new flooring for the living room. This carpet is 24 years old or something like that, it’s time for it to go! We want to get ceramic flooring that looks like stone..which will go really well with the rock walls. I think.

I Am Thankful For: Dogs that warm my feet, and cute kids with cute dimples who make me laugh.

Plans For The Week: Im looking forward to just getting through this week and heading into next week. I get my 3 day weekend and I’m looking forward to it already.

News of The Week (Yes I totally added this one): We are big supporters of the Special Olympics with my sister being a main part of that and my mom being her coach. This year Wonder Boy also gets to go to the big state games in Stillwater this May. I’m so excited for him, he hasn’t ever gotten a chance to participate before. I guess Texas isn’t as big into it as Oklahoma/our little town is. So the whole family will get to take a mini vacation to support our little athletes. Should be fun and maybe Garth will make showing like he sometimes does.

I Also Want to Mention: That my mother has become a constant reader of the blog which is a good and bad thing. See, now she’s already devising a plan to clean my house. Which has to be averted because we can’t have that. She’s also reading the blog so much now that she’s calling her oldest grandchild by Game Boy instead of his real name. Uhm I’m only allowed to make that kind of blunder. Everyone wave to my mother. 🙂

Picture Thought: I haven’t taken to many pics this week and what I have taken haven’t been uploaded yet. Here’s a few from last weeks snow. I meant to do a post on the 4 Wheeling that my awesome neighbor L’s dad did for us but I didn’t. The boys had a blast Mr. M almost more so than the kids. He even took me for a ride. So fun!

A little stocking hat hair and hot chocolate to warm up.


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