A Shocking Experience

As you all know, my dogs are ruthless wild teenagers that like to rock and roll and party all night. They rampage the neighborhood just like a bunch of hoodlums finding trouble or something to do because their bored. What, you didn’t know my dogs like to run off at night only to come whining at my door at dawn thirty to let them in so they can sleep all day and do it all over again? Well, now you know.

Sure we could put them on a leash (which we have) but they just won’t go when on a leash plus they have their designated spot way in the back of the property, way to far for me to take the trouble to take them. Plus there’s this whole cold weather thing that makes it a pain (for me) to take them out. Oh yeah I’ve got my list of excuses. Did I mention our house is oddly shaped and the way it sits on the property would be difficult to put up a fence? Excuse number #203 of excuses why these dogs run off.

The only probable solution was to get shock collars. I know. I know. I’m the last person that wants to bring pain and anguish to an animal; especially MY dogs, cause I lurves them and when they get in trouble I feel guilt and remorse…sometimes, but I do lurves them. (Please don’t judge) BUT… They can’t keep bringing death and destruction to the neighborhood..and the Lord will only know what kind of teenage pranks they’ve done while partying all night. I probably don’t want to know. You just would not believe the random trash and stuff we’ve found strung out in our yard, that was never in our yard before.

We finally received the device and set it up.
When the hubs takes them out they listen to him anyway and don’t usually run off. Cause he’s the Alpha dog and well.. he doesn’t play around when it comes to discipline. I have no mean bone in my body, therefore when I take them out their gone like the wind.

I took them out early this morning…I’m sure you already know where this is going. Sigh. I will say that it is effective they do actually come right back (after yelling at them for a good minute..which feels like hours) and thankfully it pauses in 30 second intervals before each shock. Oh and the whole thing is approved by the FCPA (or some government agency like that) to give you me peace of mind. I’m going to be honest, they sound like two dogs that have been shot. It’s painful beyond pain…probably more so for me than them. I hope. It’s not a pleasant sound to hear at 7:30 in the morning. It’s even less pleasant at really late thirty at night. I am sure that the neighbors have become concerned hearing what can only be the worst sound two dogs can make at night, especially when they have no clue what’s going on. The range is 90 feet so it’s not like they have a small area, most of the front yard is covered. They’ve only been shocked on two occasions, thankfully. My dogs are pretty darn smart (except when it comes to minding their mother) and I don’t think it will take them long at all to know their boundaries. I also start yelling the minute they get too close to range to come back, so they get a bit of warning. Annakin has already kind of figured out the back yard area is totally off limits, so the second shock was the side of the house, and something tells me they both won’t be doing that direction either. With a little time and training we hope to get them to the point of just the little sound warning instead of the shock.
You’d almost think I was doing a review here..I’m not. I’m not even sure why I’m even blogging this and announcing to the world that; hey I shock my dogs so they don’t run away. I think I’m just trying to say I really am looking out for their (and my neighbors) best interest. Yes we had seriously thought about letting my parents take one or both of them since they have a fenced yard but really these dogs are our responsibility and we are trying to be responsible dog owners. Oh and giving them completely away is not an option.


3 thoughts on “A Shocking Experience

  1. I can imagine how hard that must be – it’s not easy to hear our little loved ones upset / hurt / scared / angry – even when you know you are doing what’s best for them. I hope they figure it out quickly!

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