Honest To Blog Scrap

(Oh yeah I went there…and if you don’t get it it’s ok, it’s one of those quirky things I do)

Jen my pea hatin’ twin, awarded me this Honest Scrap Award. The rules are; you name 4 honest scraps but first you have to list 10 things you may not know about me. What more could you not know about me? At least it gives me a chance to be random again. ..uhm sorry about that …again.

1. Since we’re being honest here; I might as well say this- I’ve been enjoying sending out random “one liner” posts on facebook, more so than actually typing out a full post that requires actual content and cohesion and all that good stuff that a blog post does. I know, so lazy of me. Did I mention my brain becomes mush at 5:05pm Mon-Fri?

2. All I want for Valentine’s is someone to clean my house like really deep clean it. (Since again I’m being honest…I actually typed out clean myself instead of my house…which I found funny…did I mention brain=mush?) I’m not expecting anything really but I did actually mention it to the hubs.

3. To be honest, if I knew some total stranger was coming to clean my house; I know for certain I’d start cleaning it myself. I mean oh my gah some stranger come to my house and clean it and I pay them when I could do it for free? Not to mention that they have to see my dirt and clutter and all that. Awkward crazy twitching would ensue. Which totally defeats the purpose I guess. Since Obviously I’ve never had a stranger clean my house before; how do “they” handle the clutter? I mean it’s not like they know where my stuff goes, not that I probably do either.

4. I’m dying to be on some beach somewhere(warm sunny weather would be nice to go with that too). Have I mentioned my love of being near the water? I don’t actually have to be “in it” either. I discovered when living literally seconds from the lake in North Texas, that I always seemed pleasantly calm and reassured just knowing the water was so close. We didn’t even get a chance to visit the lake but just knowing I could see it every time I left the house was good enough for me.
I can’t explain it, maybe it’s some kind of aura thing.

5. I hate peas. That’s all I have to say about that.

6. After about 6 months, I finally finished The New Testament of the bible. I know it’s not something I really bragged about or mentioned. That’s not my thing. It was just my own personal spiritual thing I wanted to do. I’m glad I did and there you go…the more you know.

7. Next month will actually be my 4th birthday (of blogging that is). I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for 4 years. That’s a lot of random rambling. 1,139 Posts 3,842 Comments (you’d think that was a lot but in the scheme of things, it is a drop in the bucket compared to most) I’m still rambling.

8. I’ve been slacking on my school work. (hangs head in shame) I’ve gone a week with out really looking at anything…which really makes me feel guilty. Hey, I’m being honest! I promise I won’t fall off the wagon. I enjoy it too much. I’ll be back in it probably this weekend.

9. Last Sunday evening was the first time I have been grocery shopping in months. The hubs has been doing it lately. I felt so out of my realm. Sure I had a list but I just did not have that bargain shopping edge that I’m used to, when it comes to getting a regular amt. of groceries at a decent price. Instead, I got a whole lot of not much groceries, for a whole lot of money. Amazing how quickly one loses their knack.

10. Last but not least, here pretty darn quick I’m doing something I haven’t done in forever, a review and giveaway. I think you’re really really going to like it more than any giveaway I’ve done before. Let’s just say it involves the kitchen. I’m pretty excited about it and if you haven’t entered one before you probably should this time and your chances are pretty good too!

Now for me to award this Scrappy Award to another deserving 4 who come from all walks of life and honesty.

1. Camille at Out Numbered -she’s got a great slew of boys herself and finally got her little princess, she writes about her family and faith. Such a sweet heart!

2. Krista also writes about her family and is an avid book reviewer. I’m so excited for her as she is a brand new homeowner.

3. Lawanda at Lovin Life – is my country goat farm girl. She’s a sweetheart what more can I say?

4. Laurie at La Vie De Laurie is the first and only blogger I’ve met in person. Valentine’s last year we were in a random Valentine blog swap and I got her name. We lived literally down the street from each other in North Texas. What are the odds of that? She’s a working girl now after a bout of unemployment and she wrote a great post about it too.


3 thoughts on “Honest To Blog Scrap

  1. Hey, you met other bloggers when I dragged you to a BLOGGER’S dinner! It is slightly funny that you are lying in an HONEST SCRAP post. hehe 😉

    I am sad we didn’t spend more time together while you were here. It’s not often that you meet other cool, blogging-type-people right down the street from you. It’s also tragic that our IKEA adventure never happened. Tragic I tell you. It would have been blogging gold. *sigh* Does this really mean I have to answer questions? That I have to form another cohesive, non-lazy, from the heart post? Ugh. I think I have only one of those in me per year. I’m not as cool as you.

  2. Aw! You write about me and give me an award right when I have no internet access… I’m at my parents and just finally making a dent in my reader… (started at 600+ and am now down to under 300). You might have to remind me, but I’ll get around to this as soon as I can! Thanks!

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