I Meme, There For I Am

I totally stole this from Jen who got it from her meme supplier and so and so. I could see how this could be a nasty habit. 😉

1. Do you get manicures/pedicures? I have only had my nails done once and that was for my wedding and never again. Maybe a manicure but not actual tips or whatever…it’s just so not me. I would love to one day finally get a pedicure but knowing me I’d do my “home made” pedicure first, before I would let someone else deal with my stanky feet. Issues I has.
2. When did you last get your hair cut? It was a few weeks ago, like New Years. I already feel I need another and I’m not that high maintenance. It’s just looking a little too moppy for me.
3. Do you get regular massages? Uhm no never. All these things require money and that money goes nowhere toward my own pampering.
4. Have you ever waxed a part of your body? Is this whole quiz going to be about spa treatments that I can’t afford? (agrees with Jen) I have had my brows waxed as some point. It does look way better when someone else does it than when I do it.
5. Can you see your veins? Uhm I would think so. Wouldn’t there be something wrong with you if you didn’t? It’s really convenient when they need to draw blood to actually be able to see them.

6. Do you use tanning beds? I do not anymore.

7. Favorite soap? I haven’t used bar soap in years (not because I dont bathe but I use shower gel) and then the hubs bought Dove, since he’s now on grocery duty. I used it for the heck of it since I had never used it before and really actually like.
8. Favorite shampoo? My favorite I really don’t one. I always stick with Herbal Essence its not exactly my fave it’s just there and cheaper but not too cheap.
9. Favorite kind of music? That’s like asking my favorite food, I need a specific type of music/food, since I like all kinds. If you say who’s your favorite Pop music, or country, or 90’s? I could maybe be more specific but probably not. It all depends on my mood. I’ve got a wide genre of musice on my mp3 player and I can skip 20 or so of my favorite songs until I hit one that suits my mood.
10. Favorite time of day? 5:05 PM I’m hopefully out the door and on my way home.

11. Favorite local tourist attraction? Mmm.. that’s a good one since back here to my hometown and I haven’t really touristed in forever. The zoo is always a hit, I havent been to the local Amusement Park in a coons age, hopefully we will get to go free this year for my work. I also really like the science museum.

12. Favorite swear word? I don’t really have a fave as I really don’t cuss that often. “Crap” is as pretty heavy as it gets, unless I’m really ticked off at the hubs.

13. Favorite fruit? I like melons and strawberries (with chocolate) preferably.

14. Favorite kind of meat? I have to admit pork in any kind of form is mighty tasty -bacon, bbq, but I’m really not that big of a red meat eater…though you’d never know it.

15. Favorite fish? Like to eat? I’m not a big fish eater either, I’d say fried catfish since it is my specialty and about the closest thing to actual “fresh” “seafood” you’ll get around here. Though, I love a good lobster bisque and calamari if that counts.

16. Favorite flavor milkshake? Uhm… Mint Chocolate Chip from Braums please, and or a Peach Shake from Chick Fil a will also do, or maybe a Banana shake from Steak & Shake. I’m sorry you weren’t specific on favorite milk shake from what specific place.
17. Favorite kinds of candy? Well it has be chocolate of some kind.
18. Have you ever eaten a whole bag of potato chips? Not the WHOLE bag cause that would be rude.
19. Have you ever eaten lobster? yes…. but I prefer it in a bisque. Promise it will change your outlook on lobster.

20. What’s a food you’re embarrassed to admit you love to eat? Spinach?

21. What’s the weirdest food you’ve ever eaten? Fried alligator..it’s ok but nothing to really order again.

22. Have you ever climbed a mountain? Mmm..no

23. Have you ever been skydiving or bungee jumping? I always thought I would try when I young but not so much anymore.

24. Have you ever been water-skiing? No, I’m really just not all that into doing wild and crazy things. I’m sorry I’m the most NON Adventurous person ever. Aren’t you just glad you know me? 🙂

25. Do you like your nose? I’ve always thought it got in the way of seeing. Yes I have thought if I ever got some kind of “work” done it would be my nose.
26. Would you change the color of your eyes if you could? It might be fun to be blue for a day or two.

27. Do you like salt and vinegar potato chips? No thanks
28. Do you eat salsa? Some like it hot, I do not. though I do like salsa when it’s not hot.

29. What do you buy at the movie theater concession stand? Usually the usual, popcorn and a pop. If I’m feeling really splurgy I’ll go some M&M’s to go in my popcorn. Yes L, I know Rebecca sooo taught us well 🙂

30. Do you own a boat? No and don’t put any ideas in my hubs head.

31. Do you have a pool? A pool of dishes waiting to be washed.

32. Can you swim? Ever since we had to “swim” for Tennis practice it’s been put on my black list. I’ll swim if I have to, but I’d rather float.

33. Which do you prefer, bagel or toast? Depends on my mood and funny you should ask. I finally experienced Panera Bread for the first time last Friday during the snow storm. Let me tell you; WHY HAVE I WAITED SO LONG? Oh my goodness and I didn’t even get the famous Bagels. Yeah I could so go for a blue berry bagel right now.

34. Cats or dogs? Cats
(That was so a joke coming from the girl with 2 dogs–this would be my lame attempt at humor which probably isn’t funny if I had to explain it.)

35. Pens or pencils? Crayon I feel like such a rebel signing my kids papers for school in crayon. Yes, it does not take much to thrill me.

36. Coffee or tea? Tea and very cold and very sweet. Why I’ll have a glass now.

37. Bath or shower? Showers.

38. Markers or crayons? Oops I guess answered this to soon. Actually I prefer coloring with marker than crayon when it comes to crayon. (Aren’t you fascinated?)

39. You’re making a trip across the country. Do you drive or fly? I can has first class? I’ve done my share of driving across the country and flying. I’ll fly and take first class all the way. It’s a whole ‘nother world in first class my friends, once you’ve gone first class you’ll never go back. I’m just sayin.

40. First credit card you had? I’m pretty sure it was a Target Card and I was just out of High School. 18 year olds do NOT NEED Department Store credit cards. Just an FYI

41. First loan you got was for? I’ve never really had an “official” loan unless you call my dad or you call my new car that I just got at 32. We just always paid cash thanks to that pesky Target Card….ahem….

42. First major purchase? I’m not sure I guess a car, maybe furniture, computer…it’s hard to say.

43. What was your first job? babysitting technically, snow coning secondly

44. What was your occupation previous to the one you have now? Full Time Mom

45. Have you ever had stitches? Yep 3 times in my belly ( saying that made me think of Austin Powers GET IN MY BELLY- no I don’t have thing for Austin Powers movies)

46. Last time you went to the hospital for something? For me or someone else? Me for my kid..unless you count the ER when I was a big wuss and stepped on a nail, for someone else I think for a good friend in TX who had her baby. Loved that I was there for the whole birth.
47. Last place you drove to? drove to work and then drove to home

48. Last place you flew to? Las Vegas 1st Class, did I mention that already?

49. Last time you were at a sports bar? Mmm…does Buffalo Wild Wings count cause that’s the last I can think of and that’s when we lived in TX over 6 months ago

50. Last thing you celebrated? My sisters birthday but tonight I’m so totally celebrating that my kids are FINALLY returning to school since last Wednesday. A week my friends, a WEEK!

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