Day Book #4

Outside My Window: Snow, snow and more snow and throw in a little ice to go with it. Really I think I’m good for few years on the snow.

I Am Hearing: “All You Need Is Love” by the Beetles but it’s just the commercial for I have no clue; so I’m not actually listening to the Beetles.

I Am Thinking: That Bobby Flay should have a Throw Down with the Pioneer Woman. I just think that would be awesome. I was wondering what he would challenge her with. Cinnamon rolls maybe…or Chicken Fried Steak..mmm.
I’m also thinking these kids do not need another day off of school; yet they are off of school again tomorrow. The roads are fine as long as you can get out of the neighborhoods, which I guess could be a bit challenging. It’s a good thing right now the hubs can actually be home with the kids. It’s going to come to a point where that’s not going to be the case (hopefully not for long) and we’ll have to figure out who would be taking off.

I Am Hoping: I’m having high hopes for the hubs. He goes back for second interview/show off his mad skills this week. Of course, they again had to tell him it’s between him and another guy. Why do they have to do that to us?

I Am Thankful For: a semi clean house, clean clothes a roof over my head and warm homemade chicken noodles to slurp on.

I Am Wearing: My fave jeans and green sweater

From The Kitchen: I made P.W. ‘s chicken and noodles. Yummo and so glad she doesn’t actually make her noodles from scratch. I found the next best thing to homemade noodles.

I Am Creating: Not much of anything. I’m thinking next weekend I will start on some kind of home made Valentines for the kids…or not. I’m also almost done with my Illustrator class, which makes me a little sad. I still don’t feel I know jack about it, but I’m trying.

Around The House: Lets see the mtn. laundry pile has been whittled down to a hill…which is about where it always stays. I didn’t get to Wonder Boys room, but the house is decent and really that’s all I can shoot for at this point.

One of my favorite things: A nice weekend of playing in the snow, getting a ride on the 4 Wheeler, a little Chinese for dinner, and my new Snuggie. A good weekend despite the weather.

A Few Plans For The Rest of The Week: Hopefully great news from the hubs, the kids finally getting back to school eventually, oh and a really really busy week at work…yay! Not really.

A Picture Thought: The kids finding out there’s no school due to snow.

Funny story about the last school snow day. We love to trick the oldest..he’s pretty gullible. We told him Friday morning that HE had to go to school, but his brothers were OUT. Even though they are all in the same district. So he watched the cancellations to find their school and his, which we explained it would say the name of his school if it was out. Obviously since they name the actual school district/town and not the specific school which is what he was looking for, it wasn’t listed so he must have school. He was so ticked and bummed that his brothers were out that when we finally explained to him how it works he almost didn’t believe we were joking with him. So funny!


One thought on “Day Book #4

  1. I would love to see that throw down! You should send in the suggestion to the food network! And they have to do it at her ranch so we can see all the lovliness!

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