I’m Not One To Normally Complain But….


And This:

Have Got To Go!

Work has been interesting handling the situation. (Not that I’m complaining, but I will anyway)

Yesterday it was rainy and sleety not per say great driving weather but not treacherous yet. We got to leave at @ noon. Which gave me high hopes that we would be closed today, since it was going to get bad.
Yes, I admit I was just like a kid waiting to see if we’d be closed this morning. It wasn’t on T.V. but we do have a nifty announcement line that lets know of any closings. (So fancy we didn’t have closings announcement lines in Texas) To my disappointment we were still open but opening at 10 which was doable though the ice and sleet was completely and ice rink and more snow (was) is coming in. Far worse today than yesterday.
My boss called about 830 this morning.

begging asking if I was coming in. I totally wouldn’t have, if we didn’t have 4Wheel Drive. Have I mentioned that auction lemon of ours has been a real blessing? Yeah. Any who, I sauntered in and do you know how many people in my department showed up? 4 including boss man and me. You know how many are in my department? 20 or so. Did you also know that it’s the end of the month and that’s our busiest time for people to call in and pay their “library fines”? Oh yeah. I have never seen 70 plus people waiting on hold even when I was doing hurricane duty at my old job and we were busy for weeks nothing like this.
In the meantime the snow is just pouring down almost like Christmas Eve but minus the 20-30mph winds. We trucked along until 2 when they finally let us go under one stipulation, we clear the queue. In other words I had to answer the phone and quickly say Thanks for calling, sorry we’re closing due to bad weather, please call back Monday” before the person on the line could take a breath and try to weasel in a word to beg me to take their payment or the end of the world would come. It’s easier said than done, but we were able to clear out 50 callers in 2 minutes. Fun Times!

on that note I’m so thankful it’s Friday, and sure hope this mess clears out by Monday….not that I’m really looking forward to Monday.


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