Day Book #3

Outside My Window: It appears very sunny and nice out but I haven’t really been out yet to test it.

I Am Hearing: Journey To The Center of the Earth, and children playing Batman and making up jokes.

I Am Thinking: That child labor rocks! Where else can you hire someone to clean up the living and dining room plus a few other random tedious jobs for $5? My favorite is having run to various parts of the house to put things away, which is something I loathe doing. It’s really a win win situation for both of us.

I Am Hoping: I’m hopeful on the hubs job prospects. I’m also trying to remain passive about it since we’ve been down these roads before with disappointment. I’m hopeful but also reserved about it. This makes me feel like if I’m not hopeful and excited about it, that it may appear I don’t care. Very tricky feeling.

I Am Thankful For: Lots of things and yet I can’t really think of anything specific.

I Am Creating: Well.. remember I mentioned my little valentine alligator project? Yesterday I just needed to get it out of my system and could not wait any longer to get started, since I had everything I needed for this project, I got on it. It turned out way more adorable than I imagined. You ever get these visions in your head of what you want something to look like and it never turns out that way? I know, me too all the time! This time it came out perfect. I feel guilty because I did do 90% of it but I figure it’s not for a grade and Game Boy is not into the arts and crafts thing at all. Pics to come. I got the idea from SkipToMyLou who always has adorable crafty projects for every occasion and 9 times out 10 so easy to do. I changed mine up a bit for a valentine box instead of valentine. I think she would be quite proud.

Around The House: I was planning to re organize Wonder Boy’s room this weekend but will probably put it off until next weekend. I mean, I would hate to get too much accomplished in one weekend.

One of my favorite things: Besides my new micro fiber cloths for cleaning (I know how lame am I?) it would have to be my alligator box. Am I gushing over this thing still? Yes, Yes I am.

A few plans for the week: I really hate weeks that I don’t have much to look forward to other than work. Pay day maybe? Woot!

Picture Thought: Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for:
In case you’re wondering you stick the card/goodies in his mouth and the whole top part(the lid) lifts off to get to the loot. I just really hope that it doesn’t get torn up on his way to school and back. Boys are rough and don’t try to be cautious with fragile things like this.
I wanted to glue a heart in his mouth that said “Love Bites” but Game Boy thought that would be lame. What does he know?


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