My Lunch Buddy

If you know me well enough than you know I’m fairly shy and quiet around strangers and am not one to make new friends easily. It just takes me longer than normal to get warmed up to you. It’s nothing against you, it’s me.

The first few weeks of work I’ve pretty well entertained myself alone at lunch…aka doing my online class work on my lunch time. Which is expected when you don’t know anybody among a sea of hundreds of people, besides I’m fairly used to eating “alone” in these types of situations. It really doesn’t bother me…. that much.

One girl at work did take me under her wing from the get go. She’s trained me and luckily we had the same lunch hour so I was able to occasionally grab on her coattails and eat lunch with her and crash with her other lunch buddies. If you know me, you know I was probably the life of the party..uh huh..
Towards the end of Dec. she lost her steady lunch buddy to college and since then we’ve been fairly steady lunch buddies since. It’s taken a few slow weeks of just saying; “hows your day going?” to feeling free to talk about whatever. Really I rank it up there with dating and awkward moments of if I ask about such and such is she going to think I just grew a horn out of my noggin?
We really have a lot in common. Then she said the magic word that made my ears perk up and the heavens begin singing. She said; “I’ve been told I should start a blog” You all know I totally ran with that and shouted through the lunch room “YOU SHOULD! BECAUSE I BLOG!!!” because everyone knows if you blog than you are totally cool and rock like that. Those of you who don’t, know I still love you anyway. 🙂
Now we are at that point in the relationshipfriendship where one or the other of us needs to make the first move to add each other to facebook. When I told her that I was going to add her, I searched her name thinking there’s not to many “E”s in OKC, uhm wrong. So what does one do when they don’t have their e-mail to confirm which “E” it is, and you certainly don’t want to randomly add unknown “E”s to facebook, oh and the profile pics totally do not help as one is an artistic pic (which could totally be it…or not) and the others have no profile pic which really helps. Of course I didn’t want to sound like I was overly desperate to add her as a friend (much less the wrong friend) and I don’t want to be overwhelming as far as adding her as a friend the very next day I say “I want to add you to facebook so you can access my profile and ahem… read my blog cause I’m desperate for readers.” So I’m going to wait and bring it up again in a few days.

Next week she’s off on vacation to visit friends in CA, she’s supposed to take lots of pics, (she’s into photography too..squee!) and I’m thinking when she gets back she’ll totally want me to see her pics, and she will have totally uploaded them to facebook and I know she’ll want me to see them, so it would only be obvious for me to bring it (the facebook thing) up and tell her to add me. Cause I’m sly like that.
Yes she would probably freak out that I’m blogging this cause she’s very quiet and reserved like I am. I hope if she does ever stumble on to the blog that she feels welcome and that she knows I’m so glad to call her a friend.


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