I Wanna Be Random

I really just feel like I have lost that bloggin feeling …whooah…. whooah….
I’ve just lost any and all creative juices to do something creative or even half way interesting on the blog. Sure I have a great excuse but it still just drives me loco. I just don’t feel like I’m in my element when I’m not “creating” I just feel stale. I’m really working on it though, that’s literally all I contemplate on my drive back and forth from work, is what to blog about. It literally consumes me and then I get home and I’m just drained of any creativity that may cause effort much less ideas.
(am I babbling?)

The hubs had a great interview today. We are really crossing our fingers on this one. It’s just down the road and right up his alley and would just be awesome. He may have some hurdles to cross, but I’m very hopeful for him. Some good vibes thoughts and prayers would so very sweet, if you can. Please and Thank Ya!

My dear sweet friend had her baby girl on Monday. I’m stoked for me her of course. 🙂 I really can’t wait to spoil this baby girl as I know she is going to be so deprived (ha!) and will need an “auntie” to spoil her. Can you tell the baby urges are bursting? My hope is to go up sometime next month or March if I have to wait to see her…err them. That OK S? Cause I know you are so totally reading this from your hospital bed. 🙂

The oldest son mentioned today that they are now going to start doing earthquake drills at school. If that’s not the craziest thing ever, I don’t know what else is. I promise you folks if you were to check the geological survey web site last week, you would have seen California and Oklahoma as the only states in the continental U.S. with earth quakes of measurable size (not counting Haiti God bless them), and these dang things are not just in my state, the epi centers are literally down the road from us. I guess it could be worse..gulp.

Gameboy’s next school project is to create a Valentine box and it will be a contest for the best box. Which of course is just the project I need to take over
to get my creative juices going again. I already know what were going to do…an alligator. I already have a pattern and everything and the belly will be the box and you of course stick the card in his mouth. I’ve been waiting for a kid to have a “valentine project” like this forever so I could make it. That’s sad right? Can I seriously just go back to grade school again, cause that would just be awesome. I figure this is probably the last year that Gameboy gets little school parties and valentines. Which makes me sniffle a little. He really really likes a girl in his class and has gotten enough guts to say Hi and I like you. –which is major stuff man, for a boy in 5th grade. It hasn’t gone past that. Im guessing she’s shy. Which totally makes me think of this boy who supposedly liked me in 6th grade and the only way I figured that out was his valentine to me had the standard YOU’RE #1 VALENTINE! but he had added a few 0’s to the one. Which I’m assuming was supposed to mean a good thing and not necessarily a bad thing, at least under my impressionable mind in 6th grade. I could be totally wrong and he did that purposely to show that I am not #1, but I’m totally going with my first theory. Anyway I was embarrassed but nothing else ever came of it and I don’t think I really told anybody about it.
I’m thinking GameBoy might go on a limb and add hershey’s kisses to her valentine. You know, just to shake things up a bit.

Wonderboy is going to start playing the recorder in music class, which is something else I’m really excited about. We of course had to do it in 5th grade back in the day when I was in 5th grade. I guess they don’t do it anymore at Game Boy’s school. Of course we didn’t get to choose a “cool” color like pink or blue or green, nope back in my day we had the standard brown recorder and we liked it! (insert old lady saying; “and we hiked 10 miles in the snow one way with no coat” here)
Anyway, Wonder Boy is all about the music and we have neglected him on encouraging his passion for the guitar, so I really hope this gets him really into it. Then he can go into the band in jr high/high school and then get a scholarship to college at OU and play in the Pride of OKlahoma and then I can get cheap tickets to OU games to see my boy play and then get to travel to Bowl Games and then he’ll be like some awesome musician and it will be one of those prodigy stories when he becomes successful and people will talk about his fighting spirit at birth and dealing with his “ability” of Asbergers and then he’ll be able to support his momma and then..and then…and then…. wait, what I’m day dreaming again? sorry ’bout that. Yeah he’s going to play the recorder. He’s got big dreams…ahem.

Oh… and my apologies for the over use of the word ANYWAYS. I realize I sound like I’m 15 talking on the phone smacking my gum, and hanging upside down my bed while twirling my hair.

Wow did I really ramble all that? To think I thought I had nothing much to say.


2 thoughts on “I Wanna Be Random

  1. Wow…so much information in one post…overload! LOL Good luck with the interviews! We are so done having kids, so I can’t wait for grandchildren! But seeing as how my oldest is only 16, I will just have to wait a while! That Valentine’s box sounds so cute! Be sure and post pictures! My son did recorder in 4th grade and loved it!

  2. Congrats on your friends birth, “auntie” – very exciting! I’m definitely crossing my fingers for your hubs’ interview – hopefully they will be the one!!

    I hated hated hated the recorder and still loathe the very sound of one, but, that said – I hope Wonderboy loves it and that it doesn’t drive you batty, but rather fills your heart with good feelings and he goes onto become a famous musician because of it. We can dream together, right?

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