I May Make This A Regular Feature

I mentioned on facebook that Wonder Boy’s class has started a weekly newsletter where each kid is assigned a specific story or feature of the week. Wonder Boy is the featured “Newshound” Movie Reviewer. I can’t think of a more perfect assignment for him. I’m hoping this wasn’t a one time thing, if so I plan for him to make it a feature here. I think he had to make it short and simple for the paper. He’s always asking me if he can “contribute” someway for the blog; usually it’s making a video, which is complicated with out the proper handheld video equipment. Anyway, here is this weeks review. Oh… and I will certainly add my own commentary because I’m a mom that likes to butt in.
Here is this week’s review:

Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs….(he gets the ellipses from me…sniff)
I just saw the movie. (uhm like way back in Oct) I thought the movie was happy. Steve and Flint (I’m amazed he remembered the names…though that’s like him) are my favorite characters. They made inventions. One of the inventions is the “monkey thought translator” If you want to learn more about Flint and Steve, see the movie on DVD now!

Cute, Short, Sweet and Simple!

According to the “newshound” the review for next week is UP!


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