Day Book #2 01/17

Outside My Window: The sun came out today and it was decently “warm” enough to go out for some fresh air for a change.

I AM Hearing: “The NFL On CBS” literally that’s what I just heard. Obviously I’m listening to football. Go Jets (not that it really matters cause I care for neither the Jets nor the Chargers)

I am thinking: I got a lot accomplished this weekend, which makes going into Monday much easier, and makes me less grumpy and less jealous that the kids are off (again) and I’m not.

I am hoping: That this interview this week for the hubs, is finally “the one” we’ll see about that. The last few interviews have kind of been flubs. They instantly wanted to hire him on the spot kind of deals. The hubs didn’t feel right about that and the job sounded more like a door to door sales type job…in other words a bit of false “advertising”

I am thankful for: My quick recovery. I needed that one day of just resting and not stressing. I’m very rarely sick and I think this sinus thing was a way to let me know I need to chill on the stress stuff. I really hated to call in but knew there would have been no way I would have been functional. I just hate that it will be “dock time” as I can’t use sick time until after 4 months of working. I guess it was worth it.

Plans For The Week: I’m trying to take back control of the house slowly at a time. For the past few weeks I’ve been in an I don’t care anymore, I’m just living to work and nothing else” attitude regarding the state of things regarding the house and it literally was over stressing me, even if I was pretending it didn’t bother me. Oh yes, it bothered me. Obviously it stressed me enough to make me sick. So I’m slowly planning on doing some make ahead meals on the weekend for the week to make me feel a part of the household again.
From the kitchen:
Monday Fettuccine with scallops ( it’s already cooked and ready for tomorrow)
As I said earlier Im doing this slowly so I don’t really have anything the rest of the week. Most likely it will be left over sliced beef and gravy, lasagna, hot dogs etc. Baby steps ya know.

I am creating: a whole heck of a lot of nothing. a clean house maybe?

Around the house: Today I got Bossy Boy’s room organized and cleaned. I hope to get the two’s done next weekend. It blows me away how much stuff and how quickly these kids accumulate stuff after I’ve purged a gazillion times and the fact at one time it was only 2 rooms full of crap and now it’s 3. Amazing.

One of my favorite things: a yummy dinner, a clean kitchen and ice cream sundaes for dessert.

A few plans for the rest of the week: I’m hoping the hubs will get a parent teacher conference in for the oldest and of course the hubs and his job interview.

Picture Thought:

A proud auntie on her birthday
Just an update on Aunt T T’s eye, she went to the big time eye doctor specialist place, the place that it takes months to get in, they’ve given her steroid type drops for her eye and some other stuff. He’s so booked that they didn’t have room for a follow up visit so their still under wait and see. I didn’t see much improvement today but what do I know?


One thought on “Day Book #2 01/17

  1. Why the sad pout from the boys when there is cake on the table? Impatient I’m guessing? I’m glad you got a little rest and are trying to take control of things again – I know it would drive me nuts trying to just step back as it happens in bits and pieces a lot. I need to be involved in things or I just fret, fret, fret…

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