I’m Home Sick

I think the stress of juggling everything that is life just came crashing down on me. I’m rarely ever sick, yet here I am with a clogged head sinus thing going. I really really hated to call in, because for one thing we can’t take sick time until we’ve worked 4 months. Which under normal situations I would have said “No problem, I’m never sick!” – famous last words
Anyways I think just too much stress of trying to do everything just broke down my immune system…even though I don’t feel like I’ve done that much.

This whole earthquake thing has really started to freak me out. I’ve mentioned before that we’ve had little quakes around this area east of OKC on quite a regular basis. I haven’t felt any until early this morning. There was a 3.2 in Logan county which is sorta near Norman (I think) which is a good 20 miles away and I felt the after shock at 4:30, weirdest feeling ever, the bed just went thud like someone banged against it really hard, the hubs was like Earthquake…very non chalantly. Very freaky!
My heart breaks for all those in Haiti. I really hope there’s not any more serious ones where that came from.

On that note peace out folks, I’m flipping over to watch the View and then sleep out this cold.


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