Day Book: #1 01/10/10

I haven’t done a day book since last year! I figured I start all over with #1, just because I can.

Outside My Window: It’s sunny but don’t let that fool you its’s still very cold. It is supposed to get up into the 40’s later this week, which is like a heat wave if you ask me. Oh and the snow, I’m totally over it already. Most of it has melted but theres still those huge piles in parking lots that will probably remain until April.

I Am Hearing: The “pause” music to Mario Land for the Wii -more on that in a moment.

I Am Thinking: We are having a blast playing the new Mario for the Wii, it’s everything old school Mario but at the same time it’s all new. Bonus is you can have 4 players at once, of course there’s a downside in that you can accidentally kill each other, which makes for fun times with the whole family. I don’t know why we never thought to rent video games before. So much cheaper since were trying to be frugal with our pennies, and if we love it (which we do) than we’ll see about getting it. Next on our my list is Lego Rock Star. I’m thinking I could do just a whole review thing on video games for Wii and DS on a more family kid level than those hardcore gaming sites do. Anywho just thoughts.

I Am Hoping: I will say a little thing about my sister. Btw tomorrow’s her birthday. This may get a little tangenty so bare with me. As most or some of you know my sister has downs syndrome (just some minor background). My sister has had some weird condition with her eye where it completely waters all the time and the iris has now turned cloudy and just icky (bless her heart) you can tell it’s very irritated and I’m sure very uncomfortable, bless her she never really complains about it, but it’s very concerning. They’ve already told my parents that she’s pretty much blind in that eye. (I think it’s that eye) The thing is the docs really have no clue what it is. Which drives me batty and ticks me off, because sure it’s gotta be something. They were even so brazen to say that “she’s had this all her life” uhm no she hasn’t. This really all started late last year. My mom has taken her to the same country eye doctor and he hasn’t really even made it an urgency to have her see a specialist. His other doctor told my mom this week that the cornea could rupture at any time. Which doesn’t sound good at all. I don’t even know what that could mean? I’d hate to google it. Yet they haven’t been in a big hurry to have someone else who may know what their doing look at it. It almost makes me think they don’t really care because of her other “condition” So here’s hoping that we get some answers on that ASAP.

I AM Wearing: My fave jeans and long sleeve shirt and tee.

Around The House: Yeah the house is “clean enough” for the most part.

I Am Thankful For: A relaxing Sunday afternoon.

I am creating: clean laundry maybe?’

One of my favorite things: The deli at my place of work. There is nothing more convenient than not having to go out in the cold to eat lunch. The food is really pretty darn good too. They have a special of the day which could be anything from parmesean crusted tilapia or veggie quesidillas. Their chips and salsa are better than most Mexican restaurants.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Not much on the agenda this week other than work work and more work.

A picture thought: I haven’t really taken any more pics this past week. Yawn I know.


2 thoughts on “Day Book: #1 01/10/10

  1. Happy Birthday to your sister! (what’s her name?)
    I’m really sorry about her eye condition. It does suck when they don’t treat people like humans just because they have another “condition”. Aargh. I hope you get some answers soon!

  2. Gracie used to see an opthamologist at Dean McGee eye institute. I hope that T has a great birthday and is able to find a doctor who can treat her eye. Happy Birthday T!

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