It’s Been A 2 Dog Night Around Here

(BTW: These two are totally playing and were loving the snow. I know they look like wild fighting dogs but their not. Oh and I think they both have cabin fever big time and are hating that no one is going out to play with them. Never mind the fact that they are grounded and have been on lock down and leashed down to go out all because of the boots. God only knows what else they’ve chewed on their romps in the neighborhood and gotten away with it.)
I believe a 3 Dog Night is when the temps are -20 degrees and below. A 2 Dog Night is -5 and below. Just thought I’d clarify that for you.
For those of you not in “the know” 3 Dog Night. You’re welcome!


2 thoughts on “It’s Been A 2 Dog Night Around Here

  1. great pictures! I know what it is like to have “bad” dogs. One of mine was the neighborhood menis who was always figuring ways to get out of the fence and cause trouble. She even learned how to open the glass storm door.

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