Bless Their Hearts!

Since I’m considered a Yankee Southern … yes I have been told at some point in time that I’m considered a Yankee if I live North of the Red River(the river that runs between OK and TX), yet of course the Yankess consider me Southern. .. In other words I have some “hearts” to bless and that’s basically my point…sorta.

Bless the hubby’s heart, he hasn’t gotten the hang of my no hack talented attempt at humor on the blog. Obviously my tone must not come off as humorous. I’m still a work in progress honey, after 3 or 4 years of blogging (yes I lost count).
As my idol P. Dub would say; ” I love ya more than my luggage” and please don’t take me seriously too often here. One of these days I may actually rile you up enough to comment. 😉

Bless Colt Mccoy’s heart (He’s that Texas Longhorn QB) that got hurt no more than 5 minutes into the championship game, and this is his senior year. That really has to suck big time on the suck o meter.

Bless that poor little freshman on the Longhorns heart as well, he had to “go in” on the championship game of the season, where he’s barely played regular games much less a championship game and play. I feel your pain little guy. I to have had to “go in” when the main top seeded singles tennis player couldn’t play on our team, and I had to play the number 1 rated girls single tennis player in the state and get my butt smashed to the ground with hundred plus mph tennis balls coming at you(me). Though I’m sure that doesn’t quite compare to a championship bowl game and ginormous way better players are coming at you, but I’m just letting you know my heart is there for you. It really does suck big time on the suck o meter.

Bless the Longhorns heart it’s just all fallin down hill from there on the whole bowl game. Oh… and Roll Tide.


4 thoughts on “Bless Their Hearts!

  1. Funny post! You can say anything about a person as long as you follow it with “bless his/her heart” her in Mississippi!

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