A PSA To A Certain SAHD

For those not in the “know” that’s; a Public Service Announcement to a Certain Stay At Home Dad.

When your WAFH wife comes home after what is usually a hard/bad day’s work, it’s best to refrain from all forms of “news” of the day both good or bad, for atleast one hour unless it is news that we’ve won the lottery and she can quit her job.

The following items listed below are items that must wait until she has defragged a bit from work. Some of these items MAY or MAY NOT have been thrown at her less than 2 minutes of walking in the door.

-The dog ate the neighbors boots (So sorry L’s dad!)

-Some unsolicited transaction went through the account, unbeknowndst to said wife who had no idea such transaction took place as she does not remember agreeing to signing up for some monthly service for free shipping.??? How is it free if I’m paying for it?

-That SAHD’s Pell Grant application did not go through as made to much money based off of income in 2008 and therefore we will have to pay way more than expected for SAHD to go back to school.

-The new car ins. is now in effect. (Which is good news as it was cheaper, still ..said WAFM needs her defrag time.)

-Oh and hot dogs for dinner are never on the top of her things to have for dinner on a bad day list, ecspecially when she just had a dang hot dog for lunch. Not that that’s SAHD’s fault. WAFHM did not want to “stir up the pot” again since she was already a useless hormonal ball of a mess.

WAFHM does realize that she probably did do this exact same thing to SAHD when he was WAFH and she does realize she was in the wrong for doing this. She will say that SAHD is a much stronger person and usually can handle it, where as WAFHM is not strong and will in fact burst into tears not even half way through the news. Yes WAFHM is a big cry baby, No WAFHM is not a big cry baby due to “hormonal issues” well she’s hormonal, but it has nothing to do with those issues.

This has been a test of the PSA to SAHD, this is only a test. Had it been an actual emergency further ranting, crying and hysterics would have followed.


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