3 Days Into The New Year And I Have Yet To Post!

You guys probably thought I jumped ship on the blog. You know me better than that. It’s all about the quality my friends, not the quantity. (though you won’t get much quality around here either.)

I would say I have been busy but that’s a bit of a stretch. Though I guess I have been busy with hanging out with my family like the MIL and my parents. We got a little shopping in after a much needed exchange of boys jeans. Have I mentioned my boys are long legged skinny rails, and it is very difficult to find pants that fit them? Lets just say my 10 year old had to take his 9 year old brother’s new jeans which is a size 7 regular and had to cinch up the button band to the 5th hole! So yeah needless to say, we had to exchange Game Boy’s ginormous jeans of size 10 slim so that Wonder Boy could have jeans that also fit him. We ended up with a size 8 slim for Wonder Boy that fit him perfect. Craziness!

While my mother stood in line to make the exchange while corralling 2 of my boys, I slipped into the beauty shop to get my hair cut. I know I felt so selfish but it actually helped to save time so they wouldn’t have to wait to long on me.
I’d love to show you a pic of my new do, but I’m not sure if I dig it now after it’s been washed and un styled. The hubs thinks I look like a mushroom, which is very reassuring. Thanks hon! He totally kids cause he loves folks, sheesh don’t take him too seriously. 🙂

Plus on top of hair self consciousness, I have grown a third eye… I mean a big fat zit between my eyes. This puppy feels like it could have it’s own zip code. No matter the honesty of my oldest child who blatantly told me; “Mom I can’t look at you or concentrate on what your saying with that big zit between your eyes.” Which really makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. The funny thing is, I know that other people probably think the same dang thing. It makes me think of that part in Austin Powers where he meets Fred Savage with the big mole and can only concentrate on the mole and would keep saying “Moley Moley!” “Holy Moley!”
It’s gone down a little bit but it’s still gross and embarrassing.

I also want to mention 2 very interesting and unusual things I saw this weekend that totally required a pic to see to believe. I couldn’t get the cell phone out fast enough to take a pic. Which also inspired me to start a new feature here at casa de WM247 – Cell Phone Captures. I don’t know how regular a thing I’ll make this but it may be fun to see what kind of things I find that are interesting enough to post about. I’m also not much of a cell phone pic taker, so we’ll have to see how that goes as well.
I’m guessing your wondering what it is that was so fascinating that it required a poor quality pic from the cell phone? A bread truck, and the National Banjo History Museum.
Im not talking about your average bread truck. I’m talking about a regular every day pick up truck that was completely loaded down with bread. Not inside the truck which would be odd in itself, but loaded in the bed of the truck, out in the wide open. I have no idea, all I can is “this is Oklahoma, we do things a little different ’round here. I wasn’t fast enough to fumble through my purse to get my phone and whip it out to take a pic before they turned off. We were literally right behind them at a red light before I realized exactly what it was that was in their truck.

Oh yeah and the Banjo Musuem, which is in Bricktown, that was something new, I hadn’t seen before. Who knew the world was in dire need of a banjo museum? Leave it to the Okies.
I also have a random question for you guys outside of the great state of OK. There has supposedly been much advertising on the radio and on billboards lately, of a website called RedDirtReady.com (I have yet to check it out and probably should) it’s basically a website to provide information and whatnot to get Oklahoman’s prepared for a disaster, of any kind I’d guess. I was just curious if this was something national or just for us. The funny thing is Morgan Freeman is the voice of the advertising on the radio, so I thought maybe it was some kind of national thing but for each state. It may just primarily be for us Okies since we tend to have our fair share of disasters. I also think it maybe some kind of conspiracy theory like “big brother” knows something we don’t. I totally blame the hubs for this, as he has really been big into conspiracy theories lately and watching a lot of shows regarding Sept. 11. That’s a post for another day…or not. I just thought I’d mention that for whatever reason.

I’m back to a regular 5 day work schedule which will take forever to get used to after two weeks of 4 day work weeks and 3 day weekends. Wouldn’t it be lovely to only have to work 4 days a week? I’ve always considered it to be worth working nurses hours, where they work 12 hour shifts for 3-4 days and then are off for 3 days. Then again it would never be regular weekends off just when your day falls. Any who it’s back to the grindstone. I’m off to finish cleaning this house and getting a laundry done.


2 thoughts on “3 Days Into The New Year And I Have Yet To Post!

  1. So nice to hear from you – I needed a good dose of the random. It is a shame that you didn’t get a pic of that truck, how weird! As for the museum, I’ve seen all sorts of museums that seemed odd. I recently saw a billboard for an Angel Museum (no, not sports memorabilia or anything, just for angel figurines and stuff) and a Mustard Museum. I thought that was kind of funny.

  2. I love the zit comment. That is awesome! The bread he probably got from a bakery or grocery store. It’s probably expired and they gave it to him for animal feed. I have seen that before! And we haven’t had the commercials. I have never heard about that before. We don’t tend to have any disasters here.

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