A Random New Year’s Eve Post

I debated about running down the hot topics of 2009, but while most of it fairly good, the rest is a little depressing. I just don’t feel like really rehashing it and would feel better to just start all new with a clean slate. I do however, feel very blessed for all the love and support of you guys my friends, and my family; without it I’d be in the looney bin for sure. So a clean slate it is!

Now on to resolutions. I has none (I seriously cannot say it right anymore thanks to Icanhascheeseburger just so you don’t think I have no grammar skills(z) whatsoever)and don’t feel I want any,. Which is sad really, cause I normally like to start the new year with some kind of lofty goals that never pull through. Atleast I’m honest. I say, better to just go with the flow to prevent any kind of disappointment. Boy, don’t I sound like a ray of sunshine?

My MIL is coming down (tomorrow) today, the house is a mess and I will be at work. I’m leaving it in the hands of the hubs. I figure it’s his mother and he’s home, so he should do it…or something like that. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Sure I could straighten it up a little bit now, but what’s the fun in that?

Work has been brutal this past week. Everyone is calling into get that “library” loan pymt in by the first. Cause we all know everything is due the first. Just thought I’d mention that cause I know you have tears of sympathy for me.

I just started my English Comp course and am enjoying it so far, though of course you have to get through the dry intro. stuff first, before getting to the meat of the actual reading and writing. We are required to keep a journal that makes up 30% of your grade. Which score for me, should be a breeze since I sorta keep this here fancy online journal. Of course a lot of it is prompted stuff and kind of boring. I’m still debating if I want to post those online. Maybe if it comes up with an interesting prompt that would make good blog fodder. My goal for the journal is to keep it fun and attempt the old college try of humor amongst the dry dull topics. Of course we know my sense of writing humor could go from one extreme of pretty funny to down right lame.

The snow/ice is finally dissapating, though there’s still plenty of snow around. I figured since I’ve gone a good 10 plus years of my life with out actually living in snowy conditions; that I thought I would be mezmurized by the snow and it’s beauty and all the fun stuff that snow is when you aren’t exposed to it on a yearly basis. Well, I’m pretty much over the novelty of it now. Im ready for Spring now k thanks!

I wish I had something more poignant to say. I do hope that the New Year is good to you all and myself included. I figure we all deserve a clean start of good health, love, peace, and happiness. At least for a good week or two.


One thought on “A Random New Year’s Eve Post

  1. Here’s to a clean slate! I’m looking forward to 2010 either because I’m delusional or maybe just optimistic? Or because for some reason it’s fun to say in a way that 2009 never was. Also… if I survived 2009, probably I can survive anything right?

    And that goes for you, too, lady!

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