A Lesson In Mistaken Identity

I promised you a funny story remember be careful what you wish for. This story just shows how big a giant dork I can be. I don’t have to many embarrassing stories that I remember. This one chalks up there as one of my doozies.
Picture it( I have now just channeled Sophia from the Golden Girls)… it’s Christmas Eve the biggest blizzard like snow storm you’ve ever seen in your life. You’re waiting for your beloved to pick you up, he’s running a bit late like say an hour, but it’s ok cause you know the crazy roads are just crazy and that he is literally sitting a half mile from you on the highway, literally sitting because nobody is moving on the highway. He could literally get out of his vehicle and walk to get you and come back and probably still not move, but that would be silly and this has nothing to do with the story.
Your waiting patiently with the rest of the ladies waiting on their knights in shining armor to rescue them, along with the lady who got in her car to start it and warm it up and accidentally locked both her keys in the car with it running in the middle of a blizzard. Lord knows how long she had to wait for the locksmith and how much he charged to come out to unlock her car never mind it’s Christmas Eve. Anyways where were we? Aw yes, waiting.
While I was impatiently worriedly waiting, I saw a car that looked exactly like my parents car waiting right smack in the front parking lot, just waiting. It even had the little OU helmet ball on the antenna like my parents car. The person in the car looked exactly like my dad, yet the snow was blinding even from the building so it was hard to really make out the person, but the person looked just like my dad(oh I mentioned that already). Here’s where my brain began to debate with itself and asking those crazy questions you begin to ask to yourself; Why would the hubs send my dad out in a little two wheel drive when he has the 4wheel drive? Why and Why? and yet I kept saying it but it looks just like him and the car and everything.
Now here is where I’m sure your asking wouldn’t your hubs have called or you called to see if this were true? Uhm yeah about that whole calling thing. There’s a story behind that too. You got time right? Good. You see when I wrapped Wonder Boy’s present from the Pawn Shop, I accidentally placed the hubs phone charger in the box (thinking it was his DS charger) and wrapped it. I know! I mentioned my dorkness. So instead of going through the hassle of unwrapping it, the hubs just took my phone so he could contact whoever.. minus me. Which at this point I’m trying to decide which would have been more inconvenient unwrapping and re-wrapping or going off of faith that the hubs would not need to contact me while driving to get me in a blizzard…you know in case he’s stuck upside down in a ditch or something. Let’s not answer that one… So I was with out a cell phone during my wait.
My heart or over anxiousness won out reason and I decided to go for the gusto and head out the door into the blizzardy slippery mess and check out the car. I even announced to the pow wow ladies who I had never met before in my life; “that I think my dad is out there which is weird, so I must check it out.” (If you know me then you know, announcing anything random like this to a bunch of strangers is so not my style) So out I went and stood literally right in front of the car peering in as obvious and freaky as a stranger might look to see if it was my dad. I’m gonna bet you already know the answer to this one..and you would be correct. Even standing there peering in like a freak that I was, I still for the life of me could not make out if it was my dad or not. The lady finally rolled down her window and asked if I needed something, that my friends is when I turned about 20 shades of red and actually felt quite warm and cozy in the middle of a blizzard. I apologized profusely for my freakish behavior and explained that her car looked exactly like my parents car…I didn’t mention the fact that I mistook her for my dad…I mean I was already embarrassed enough as it was. So I took my walk of slippery cold shame back inside. When I walked back in someone piped up “So I’m guessing it wasn’t your dad?” Fun times!
If I ever ever run into this lady randomly in the building I will have to run and hide. I may even have to go incognito in hopes she never recognizes me and mention to all her friends about the freak lady in the blizzard. She was sorta confusedly nice about it…which what more could you ask for? I know for a fact if some crazy lady were literally standing 1 foot from my passenger side window peering into my car, I’d have to be a little freaked out and would probably immediately drive off in haste even in a blizzard.
The lesson here my friends, is never wrap your husbands phone charger with your son’s Christmas present, it can only cause embarrassment and shame for the rest of your life..at least your present working life.


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