Day Book 12/27

Outside My Window: Snow and lots of it, it is kind of melting but supposedly were in for a chance for more this week.

I’m Hearing: Whining of a dog who is telling me it’s bedtime (oh yes he knows my schedule better than I do) and a fan going.

I Am Thinking: I really don’t wanna go to work tomorrow, but I have to remind myself that I’m doing it for a greater cause, none of which has to do with me. I’m trying so very hard to not be so selfish about things and for some reason it’s really hard.

I Am Hoping: That the next predicted snowfalls will not cause more havoc on the roads. Gah! I’m also hoping that my MIL will make it down New Years for Christmas. It just didn’t feel the same not having her here, and she missed coming down last year due to the tragic accident with C’s uncle.

I Am Thankful: That hubs is able at this point to be my chauffeur to work and that we are so blessed to have a vehicle that will get us safely here there or wherever.

I Am Wearing: Jeans and a shirt what of it?

My Favorite Things: My fuzzy socks I got in our little family gift exchange, wish I had 50 pairs.

In The Kitchen: I should probably give this section up entirely just like the I Am Reading section in this meme. Things are still always in the air when it comes to dinner plans. I’m learning to get over it but it’s still hard. I hate to even give up the Day Book MEME entirely as it seems pointless but I like it, it helps me to keep my thoughts for the week in line, unlike just spilling out a bunch of random.

Plans For The Week: I’m planning for the MIL to come, we’ll see how the weather does.

Around The House: Hopefully I can restore order soon, I really probably should have taken Christmas down and cleaned the house but I’m trying to hold out for the MIL when she comes know so it feels Christmasy.

Picture Thoughts: My blog buddy Jen inspired me to play around with bokeh ( a fancy photography term that blurrs things in the background to make a neat effect on what your focusing on), she made it sound easy so I had to try. Is there such a thing as bokeh envy, cause I still need some work on mine?


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