Christmas W247 Style

I figured I should do a little recap of the holiday since it was a bit more momentous than our usual low key holidays.

As 98% of you know, we had a bit of a snow storm Christmas Eve. I of course had to work and made it imperative to the hubs that he must take me to work even though that morning it was just rainy and wet. So glad I persisted on this. By 10AM it was coming down(snow aka blizzard) like crazy and the winds were not making things easy. Work was supposed to close at 330 for Christmas Eve but changed their minds quickly to 1PM. It was freaky scary with white out conditions. It took the hubs 2 plus hours to get me which should only take 45minutes tops. I have a bit of a funny story to share while I was waiting that I may share later..this post may take long enough.
They had to close down all of the interstates in the OKC area due to a 50 car pile up and just the numerous accidents along the way. Taking the back roads wasn’t any easier with tons of cars just stuck in the road all over the place. We white knuckled it all the way home. The hubs actually had sore hands from gripping the wheel so hard. We were so blessed to have 4 Wheel Drive no other vehicles were getting around very well except those with 4 Wheel Drive, our little auction lemon came out to be sweet auction lemonade.
The boys had been spending the night with my parents during the week so I could get things done like wrapping gifts and cleaning house. The plan was for them to head to my dads side of the family to visit but that didn’t happen and they ended up stuck again with my parents on Christmas Eve, since we decided to not take the extra risk to get them and just wanted to get home. Bless their hearts, they only had a few presents from my mom and dad to open and wouldn’t see what Santa brought until well into Christmas day. They took it so very well though and did not complain a bit.
When we finally got home we still didn’t rush into opening the presents cause there was snow to play in with mom and dad. When we did finally get ready for “Santa” I couldn’t find the camera to save my life. We searched every possible place I could have laid the camera since I did just have it minutes before taking pics of the snow. That delayed us another 15 minutes of opening presents..and at that point we gave up on the camera which I really wanted so I could get my reaction from GB on WB’s gift.

I made sure that Wonder Boy went first since I wanted to see Game Boy’s reaction to his present which was the Nintendo Ds. His reaction was indeed priceless as he was literally exclaiming “He Got A DS!?” a gazillion times. When GB opened his Nerf gun storage unit you could tell he tried to be excited about it but wasn’t overly thrilled. When we encouraged him to have a look inside he was thrilled and relieved I think. Now I can’t pull the kid away from it for nothing…which I guess is what was to be expected. I to got my own game of Brain Age which I’m actually enjoying and WB is very kind to share his DS with dear old mom. 🙂

GameBoy made me a picture for my present which said something like; “The greatest present I could ever give you is my love” aww so sweet, I’m taking it to work to keep me inspired. I’m having a rough go of trying to get over my selfishness of utter dread of going to work everyday, when I know so many people would love to be in my place.

Bossy Boy got his Trio castle which took us a good part of Christmas night to put together. He loves it and I don’t think he’ll actually take it apart as it’s more a play piece than a building thing. This castle was the wizard castle which had the dragon and actually looked more fun than the bigger more expensive castle. I’m glad I went with it..ahem I mean Santa.

Even though it was a rather quiet Christmas with no one to really share it with than each other it certainly was a memorable one.

Now for some pics:
Yes I totally made the kids re in act their reactions of opening their gifts..which is totally not the same but you gotta do what you gotta do.

I apologize for the horrific lighting as usual and the quality wasn’t great either since I was low on battery.


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