Twas The Day After Christmas…

If you are expecting the full “changed” original this ain’t it. Thanks to the hubs for throwing in his input and telling me quite frankly that if he had his way; he’d completely rewrite the whole thing. Which should tell you, I never claimed to be good at this parody thing.

Twas the day after Christmas, which was obvious to all, the house was in chaos, with ripped wrapping paper at least a foot tall. Dirty socks and wet snow clothes were hung out to dry, in hopes the laundry fairy would soon stop by.

An after shaved hubby and my new fuzzy socks, had just settled down after throwing away the last Christmas box. When from out of nowhere, there rose such a clatter, I sprang from my daze to see what was the matter. New fallen Nerf bullets gave me a warning to duck, from more flying objects ahead, that had run amuck.
When what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a semi automatic Nerf gun and soft squishy Nerf gear. With the grip of the gun and a quick shot to the left, I knew in a moment someone was asking to be shot to their Nerf death. More rapid than eagles the bullets they came, and I whistled and shouted at each kid I was to maim “. Now Gameboy, Now Wonderboy, and Bossy Boy too, your getting it from mommy to all of you.”
To the top of the wall to the end of the hall, you better run, run away you all!”
So down the hall they flew, running faster then bees, laughing and scoffing, and a “Come get us, Mom!” they teased.

And then in a twinkling, I changed my mood, at a smell and a ding of microwaved reheated food. As I drew my head around, with the aromatic smell of leftover ham, the hungry children all came running in a single bound. The ham was all decked with delicious sides and desserts, my belly it shook, though it was well worth the hurt.

I sprang to my housework like a thorn in my thistle, and tried to drudge through it with an annoying whistle, but I proclaimed from the roof tops as I picked up the last Nerf bullet, Merry Day After Christmas, I Know We’ll All Pull Through It!


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