Mark Today Down In The Record Books

I have lived in Oklahoma for a good 20 years of my life and have never experienced anything like this Oh sure it looks pretty and all fine but this pic does not do it justice. We’re talking BLIZZARD like conditions!!!

I have never been so thankful for 4Wheel Drive and for the hubs new tires and for the fact that he drove and picked me up from work.
The bad news is, the boys are at my parents and we are home. The hubs wasn’t willing to taking the extra risk of picking them up and just wanted to get home. So looks like the hubs and I will be spending Christmas night together and eating hamburger helper. It’s supposed to eventually stop sometime tonight and hopefully we can make the treck tomorrow to get them. I could be really bummed about this but at this point I’m glad all my family is home somewhere safe and that’s all that matters. All of the interstates are closed and so many wrecks and people stranded. Did I mention OK doesn’t quite get weather like this?
I’m pretty sure this is one Christmas Oklahomans nor I will ever forget.


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