Ssshh Don’t Tell The Boys

I admit I have this sad little addiction to reading my old stuff. I know, how narcissistic can one be?
My plan was to re post oldies but goodies of Christmas past this week, though the funny thing is after searching the archives, I’ve never really blogged much regarding Christmas stories of yester year. I’m not really sure what is up with that. My guess is it’s all un categorized and just sitting in a heap of random.

I’m going to admit that I’m feeling really overwhelmed this week and just cannot get into the Christmas cheer at all. In fact I have a mess of presents still to wrap and look what I’m doing? I’ve never been this way ever regarding Christmas, I’m always tingly with excitement but not this year. The few gifts I have wrapped, I pretty much threw the paper on and didn’t even really take care in cutting or actually making sure it was sized right; needless to say there’s a couple of gifts if you look at it really close you can tell the ends didn’t quite meet.

I did want to mention the boys gifts and the arrangement in which I’m planning for them to open them (it’s a real good thing they dont check out WM247 often unless reading over my shoulder) a certain way and I can’t wait how it should result.
Gameboy the oldest has been begging and pleading for the last couple of years for a DS only to come empty handed. This year we again made him no guarantee that Santa could pull through with the economy and all. Santa’s had a few lay offs himself ya know.

With the awesome little Christmas bonus Mrs. Clause received, plus the fact that she’s working, Santa was able to pull through on the DS. We have pounded in this poor kids head all of the different scenarios as to why he many not get one. Grades, Poor attitude with the brothers and just the fact that it’s not cheap- including games. We also have played the little head games of “what if your brother gets one because he’s been good and you dont?” Funny thing is, WonderBoy didn’t even think to ask for one simply because he probably assumed big brother would get one long before he would, so why bother? Well… guess what? Both WB and GB are getting a DS from Santa!

We just happened to find a reasonably priced used one at a Pawn Shop which we had planned for GB and then went ahead and decided to go for broke and get GB the brand spankin new one and let WB have the used one.
The plan is, I placed GB’s present (the DS) inside a brand new Nerf Ammo Storage box and taped it back together so it looks unopened. This way GB thinks he got a box of Nerf bullets and that’s it. The next part of the plan is that Wonder Boy is going to be assigned to open his presents first and surprise surprise he gets the DS. Do you see where I’m going with this? Am I not the most evil mom in all the land? I actually want to take a pic of Game Boy’s face when Wonder Boy opens his DS. Muuuuhhaaaawwwaaaa.!

I’ve also made sure to wrap the extra game he had been dying to have in another bigger box so it doesn’t look obvious.
Yes I had to test out Wonder Boys DS to make sure it works ok since we did get it used. It works fantastic. We also got the Brain Age game (for me of course)
If you could keep this little piece of blog post between you and me before Christmas, I’d appreciate it. I will make sure that the proper pics are taken for this little stint of mine.


One thought on “Ssshh Don’t Tell The Boys

  1. lmao they are going to be so excited – I can’t wait to hear all about Christmas morning!

    My wrapping skills are always a little crazy and this year it kind of looks like a crazy person got into the wrapping cabinet – I kept trying not to cut too much paper and never cut enough so yeah it’s pretty interesting – but I don’t think anyone here will even notice. ;OP

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