The Sneak Who Snuck Christmas

I mentioned earlier that my sister neighbors came for a visit. We also headed to my MIL’s in Tulsa on Saturday which was a perfect time to tell my oldest or anyone in the car who was interested, how really really bad I was at Christmas time sneaking around to my find my presents. In fact I could open up a separate blog just on the various stories of my sneakishness but I won’t. I promise I will spare you on all of them but this one. Not that this one is more special than the others but whatever.
I wanted to tell my oldest these stories so he would know that he’s dealing with an expert, and if he sneaks I will know, cause I am a ninja sneak, and the master is all knowing. Luckily, he doesn’t seem to have a sneaky bone in his body. To bad cause I need a new sneak like challenge. I’m not as bad anymore in fact most give up on me and let me pick what I want and then wrap it, which totally works for me.

When I was about 11-12 I wanted the game Operation BAD for Christmas! I begged to anyone and everyone that would listen of my pleas. I’m not sure of exact details but somehow someway my mother decided she was going to let me open a present a few days before Christmas, and at this same point in time my sister girl L came over to give me her present as well. Here’s where details are a bit scetchy, but somehow someway my mother decided to leave us alone to run some errands, while I opened L’s present (where the rest of my family was at the time, I have no idea…which was very odd for all of my family to be gone at once but me).
I interrupt this never ending story for this Public Service Announcement: NEVER LEAVE A SNOOPY SNEAK ALONE IN THE HOUSE A FEW DAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS! It doesn’t matter if the presents are under the tree wrapped or well hidden in the house unwrapped. I’m just sayin they still will sneak. Oh and the trunk of your car is never a great option either. Mom if you decided to take the time out of your busy schedule to read this post…I’m Sorry!
At this point in time while left alone, I opened L’s present. I’m thinking you guys can already guess where this is all going, but I’m going to tell you anyway. L got me Operation, I was ecstatic. There sitting on the dining room table was the other present that my mom was going to let me open when she came back from where ever it was she was going. This was probably a bigger mistake of just leaving it on the table and leaving me alone, than say, just telling me that I was going to get to open a present (under the tree) before Christmas. That’s pretty much like telling a recovering alcoholic, I’ve got tons of booze here on the table but don’t take a drink..K?
Any who… the temptation was getting the best of me(us) and what did I(we) do? Oh yes my friends, L and I did (she’s totally in on this one with me, that’s what friends do, if one of us is going down, we go down together) we carefully opened that present. Guess what it was? Go ahead, you’re pretty smart, just take a guess. Yep it was OPERATION.

Now L and I thought this was hilarious that I got two games of OPERATION. Now what to do? We carefully taped it back up and I planned on making my Oscar debut. When my mother came home and found that I had already opened L’s present of OPERATION, she immediately took my other present of OPERATION away and stated she changed her mind and I wasn’t going to be opening this one after all. I had to go into “BUT WHY NOT?!” mode. Yes friends I even had to throw in a few hurt tears of despair and disdain and “BUT YOU PROMISED!” I’d now like to thank my parents, my loving husband, and the academy for this prestigious award. It is an honor.

I honestly can’t remember the outcome other than I didn’t get to open that present. I’m pretty sure my mother exchanged it for something else. Just let this be a lesson to all sneaks in the world. Uhm there’s no real lesson in this one other than maybe be careful what you ask for cause you just might get it…twice.


2 thoughts on “The Sneak Who Snuck Christmas

  1. Love it! You were the only friend I had that could talk her mom into ANYTHING, and yes I mean ANYTHING! Cracks me up just thinking about it!

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