Day Book: Dec 20th

Outside My Window: It was such beautiful day, I took the van out for a wash and hung out with my boys outside for awhile today (At first this sentence read: and hung out my boys outside today…which totally cracked me up. Just thought I’d share, sometimes my mistyping is more entertaining than what I’m actually trying to say.) Something tells me we have a slight chance for a white/rainy Christmas. Most likely it will probably be more cold rain than snow, but one can hope.

I Am Hearing: Lego Star Wars on the Wii. Yes L their still playing at 7pm…ahem…. but you weren’t supposed to know that.

I Am Thinking: That it’s so not fair that the boys are out of school and I have to go to work tomorrow. Aw well.

I Am Hoping: That it’s going to be a good week work wise. I’m also hoping they let us off a little early Christmas Eve. I keep hearing conflicting stories on what they may or may not do. They usually have a big Christmas party shin dig on Christmas eve, but I’ve also heard they may not have a party this year but something else instead. We shall see.

I Am Thankful: For a nice visit with my “sister neighbor girls” L and K and seeing lil C who is such a cutie. It will be so fun when L gets her house built just down the road a ways and moves back to OK, in a few more years of course. 🙂

Around The House: Well the house is clean enough for now..which really isn’t saying much, but I will have to get things in better shape come Christmas Eve/Christmas.

Plans For The Week: I’ve got lots of wrapping and whatnot to do; so the boys are going to spend the night at my parents Monday so I can get some stuff done when I get off work. I just do not have the stamina to stay up late for an all night wrap fest the night before Christmas, which is something I used to do. This Working Momma has gotta have her sleep. I’m still trying to figure out how I got it all done when I was working before; then I remember, I actually had vacation time back in the day and I used it.

From The Kitchen: I really and truly don’t know and am not going to worry about it. I do know that my mom and I both agreed that just ordering BBQ for Christmas dinner will be way more worth it and easier than cooking it(being Christmas dinner..not the BBQ). I’m sorry. I can has more time, please?

Picture Thought: Again I have been such a slacker lately and havn’t taken any lately. I really wished I broke out the camera to shoot lil C..he was just precious and made the mommy hormones go crazy. How about some Christmas past out takes and one of my fave Christmas pics?



Sometimes the pics that are random and unplanned are the best.


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