I Think Some Random Is In Order

-I finally got the brunt of the Christmas shopping done today. I came in late for work just to get it done cause I knew this was the only opportunity while the kids were still in school. We got r done and I think the kids are going to be thrilled, 2 boys are going to have no clue, one will totally not expect whats coming to him at all. He didn’t even ask for this item since he knew his brother was already asking for it…I can’t go into details at this moment, because there’s some little people that are with in an unsafe blog reading distance. Again thank God for Visa gift card from work cause otherwise it would not have been possible.
-I’ve decided I may start blogging like the following: at wrk all nots are done in abbr. and bsclly no grmmr, whch mks things rlly hard to flip flop frm one to the othr. I strt typng in full sent. and grmmr at wrk and then I actlly cmmtd on PW’s blog simlr to this. (Houston I believe firefox is about to have a melt down with all the bad spelling.) Yeah I’m cool like that. I bet she digged it. I promise it actually does make sense at work with the specific abbreviations we use and pretty much type the same similar words over and over. It’s a “library” thing.

-There’s been a magic fairy coming in weekly to take away my dirty laundry and come back with it clean. I don’t know who she is (..cough cough my mother..) but it’s been awesome, but she really must stop because seriously I should be able to do my own laundry and one could really take this kind of thing for granted.

-This weekend were headed to Tulsietown for Christmas with the MIL. She’s already set for some shopping, which is cool by me cause we missed it last year due to the tragic accident of C’s uncle.

-My oldest has officially declared me “WEIRD” and that all of his weirdness probably came from me. I’m thinking, Woot my mission in life as a parent is finally complete!

-One last thing, the hubs just told the- telemarketing/please give to this random charity since the people(my parents)that had this number before donated to every charity known to man and calls us every night and twice on Sunday to donate; “You go girl!” for taking us off the call list. I’m thinking he’s kind of weird too. šŸ™‚


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