Day Book 12/13

Outside My Window: Today was a beautiful day, we even had a semi picnic outside eating our lunch before our little shin dig.
Sunny and mild.

I am Hearing: The opening credits to Elf. I’m ready to snuggle down and chill for awhile.

I am thinking: That I could really use some work on my hostess skillz. I actually have never really hosted anything before and I’m so glad I did it…more on that later. It was pretty laid back, I just wish I would have gotten on the ball and planned on some good games to keep the party a bit lively. It was all good though and I know that sweet S enjoyed it. Which is all that matters really.

I am thankful for: Such a sweet friend and so thankful I was able to do my humble little shin dig for her. S and I have been BFF’s since 7th or 8th grade.

I am reading: I finally finished my basic computer course (yawn) it was painful to get through. I’m looking forward to my next course which is English Comp. Woo Hoo! I know I totally could have transferred credit over and not have to take it, but I’m one of those weirdos that loves school and English Comp- hello lover I’ll take you over again in a heartbeat.

I am hoping: that my Christmas cards get in this week. Nothing like pushing it til the last minute. Yes I totally could have printed them myself but my printer has some issues and I really didn’t want to hassle with it.

Around the house: I’m hoping that I’ll muster up some energy and get this place cleaned up. At least the laundry is pretty well caught up.

I am creating: Not much really. I think I’m pretty well done for the year..but who knows.

One of my favorite things: Watching Christmas movies with my kiddos. Oh and semi warm weather in December. Christmas bonuses too, I feel so very blessed and am greatful for it.

Plans for the week: I’m thinking that it would be good to head up to Tulsie Town (Tulsa to those not in the know) to have Christmas with my MIL. It’s so hard for her to leave C’s grandma. I think she would love for us to have Christmas with her at her house for the first time ever. Since I will be working all week up to Christmas Eve I wouldn’t get to spend much time with her.

Picture Thought: I haven’t uploaded anything in awhile so how about some Christmas past?
I’m thinking of adding this one to I heart faces for pet week.
Christmas ’05


3 thoughts on “Day Book 12/13

  1. Oh yes, it was fun! It’s so hard to throw something together like that so close to the holidays! It was fun to see everything in pink…it’s still a little bit surreal for me! I’m looking forward to getting together again! Thanks a million!

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