There’s a few things in life that everyone should experience at some time or the other; things like Disney World and driving. (I know how random is that?) Every person born in the U.S. should be guaranteed a free trip to Disney World as just being a citizen of this country. I’m sure Disney could squeeze that in. This last commentary has nothing to do with what my point is really(cause we all I know I has no point), I just thought that I would mention that…ahem anyways…

There’s a bit of info regarding the new vehicle that I’ve neglected to mention. First I just want to say that I feel antsy talking about the new vehicle because I don’t want to come off like I’m bragging. Ooh look at me Miss Thang with the new job and then runs and gets a new vehicle, she must be makin some major moolah. Cause that is totally not true nor where I’m going with it. Lets just say that the car/house payment are all being paid back to my most favorite bank in the world D.A.D Lending. Again I’m not overly proud at all. Just so you know..not that it matters ….anyhow moving along. (Man I really need to blog more to get the rambling out)
The hubs decided that not only should he trade in my vehicle but his too. Yes folks he traded in the bat mobile. It was a spur of the moment decision and well what’s done is done. He decided to purchase himself a “cheap” vehicle via the auto auction with a little cashola, again which was part of D.A.D Lending. Here’s where the everyone should experience it once kinda thing comes in…then again maybe not.
We picked out a sweet little..well it was more big..Ford Expedition that we were going to bid on. It was very nice inside and out and the miles were amazingly low for that kind of vehicle for a 2000. I have to say that things get pretty intensely exciting at an auto auction, and I must also note that auto auctions are like that box of just really don’t know what your gonna get. It was amazing the cheap cars that were rolling through the line. If my hubs had any kind of major cash flow I know he would have totally bought like 6 or 7 cars. Just because of the kind of car and the price.
When the Ford rolled through the line, the hubs instantly began his bidding and I must say it was pretty exciting and he won at a very very cheap rate for what he was bidding on. The plan was he was allowed to put a certain amount down and then had to come back the following day by noon to pay the rest. The hubs was ecstatic he/we thought we got an unbelievable sweet deal for what we got. It literally was an adrenaline rush. The next day, my dad took the hubs to get the vehicle (remember he’s kind of w/o due to trading in the bat mobile..oh and it’s kind of hard to drive two cars, in case you didn’t know) He starts it up and they get down the highway and things are looking and sounding good. They exit their destination exit and the hubs wants to really test it out, and that my friends was his mistake, he tested her out alright and she/he made this unbelievable high squeal as if it was having a heart attack. Needless to say the hubs pulled it over and took a look (even though he’s totally clueless on what he should/would be looking for) they made it home while the vehicle continued heart failure. The hubs brought the handy fixing car neighbor over to take a look and it didn’t look good.
The hubs and my dad decided to have it towed to the mechanic only to find it would need a heart transplant…aka new engine. Which totally would defeat the purpose of a steal of a deal on the vehicle. The hubs was in a conundrum should he turn around and try to sell it, get it fixed then try to sell it cause who knows what next, or just wait until after the holidays and then look into fixing it. We weighed out the options and went with going ahead and fixing it and keeping it. He found a decent used engine and found a decent deal for someone to fix it. The poor hubs’ ego has been completely defeated by all of this. He has done a lot of research on this vehicle and what his vehicle is going for. It looks like after it’s all said and done(hopefully it’s all done) he still will come out way ahead. The vehicle is supposed to check out of the “hospital” tomorrow and I just know that the hubs is ecstatic to get it home and actually drive it.

And the moral of the story is…dont count your engines before they crash.


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