A Letter To My Sons’ Teachers

Dear Teachers,

I just wanted to apologize for the following instances that have occurred since the role reversal that the hubs and I are trying to adjust this past month. I’ll just list it in bulleted form as that will be easier, and please also note that I honestly have no explanation for 99% of it and I also promise that my children are well cared for, it’s just sometimes appearances can be misleading.

-My 5 year old does actually have clean clothes (and carefully picked out for him each morning) he just chooses to wear the same thing 3 days in a row, because “he supposedly just didn’t know that he was supposed to wear something different”, never mind that they were in the dirty clothes.

-Please also forgive his appearance on this past Monday, I realize shorts are not seasonal appropriate in 45 degree weather. He claimed he wasn’t cold, and yes I had a conniption when I got home to both him and his daddy. THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN IF SO HELP ME I HAVE TO QUIT MY JOB! Yes the shorts have now been properly put away on the highest shelf, until the instant it hits 80…shoot I may play it safe and get them out when it’s a 102 in July.
-BTW my 9 year old does actually have socks and they are nicely kept in his drawer, he just tends to overlook that minor detail when dressing.

-I also realize that the 9 year old does actually have homework most nights and that I’m supposed to actually be checking his folder. There was some mis communication and Mr. Mom was not aware of the checking folder thing/9 year old gets distracted and needs someone else to physically check it.
-I also realize that signing said daily folder only once weekly is not following the parent/student compromise that we had to sign at the beginning of the the year. Sorry ’bout that!
-I am aware that signing in crayon, probably is also frowned upon. Hey at least it’s signed…eventually right?

-Yes I know that kindergartners do get homework daily and that it should be all turned in weekly -which was a pain to begin with but even more so now, is doing the exact same homework everyday really necessary? It really doesn’t matter anyway does it?

-Finally yes I realize my kids coats aren’t necessarily Oklahoma weather proof just yet, I mean sure they have coats and they are a winter coat…lets just not look at the minor details that one or two may be to small…and that they don’t have hats or mittens when out waiting for the bus. Were still adjusting to this cold weather thing and its still taking some time to get used to.

Thanks for your understanding! We should have this all worked out by the end of the year. Maybe…



2 thoughts on “A Letter To My Sons’ Teachers

  1. I absolutely love it! I hope these teachers remember what it was like to have small children in school. And, don’t even get me started on the homework thing! I often ask “Who” the homework is for, as it requires much more out of me, and last time I checked I have put in my time in school! 🙂 Caden’s teacher is awesome but she has no children and when I mentioned something about the tedious work during the conference she looked at me like I was the dumbest person in the world! Oh, she’ll learn…someday! BTW, can I mention how many times I’ve put a sweater on Carson with a too-small undershirt all to show up and find him at school with just the undershirt on! There is no convincing that kid to wear a coat, much less keep his sweater on! Ahhh, I digress!

  2. Why is it I can never find my three year old’s hat or mittens when we are trying to leave? Oh that’s right because he hoards them away and uses them as dress up clothes never to be found again… ::sigh:: It’s 9 degrees out by the way and I think that might be considered warm now.

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