The Day Book Nov 29th or 30th

Lets see if I can do this with out having to copy and paste the list.

Outside My Window: It’s dark and cold and sorta rainy. I’m afraid it’s all going down hill from there for the rest of fall and start of winter. Who knows I could be wrong.

I Am Hearing: Football though I’m not really watching it.

I Am Thinking: Well I’ll tell ya what I’m thinking as it’s a small pet peeve of mine. I hate washing clothes that were perfectly clean but somehow got thrown on the floor or somewhere, where a kid didn’t properly put them away and clean room time came and they just threw them in the dirty clothes for me to wash again. I know that they were perfectly clean at some point cause I know they were never worn from the time they were cleaned to when they were supposedly put away, and they still were halfway decently folded. 5% of the laundry I started today was in that were supposed to be clean category. That’s basically a load that shouldn’t have needed to be done. I should have made this a post on it’s own…sorry.

I Am Hoping: That the weather does not get to bad this week. Driving in this stuff is not on my top favorite thing to do list.

I Am Reading: I so wish I could say I was reading something enjoyable but it’s just not happening at this point in time of my life. At least I again will say I am reading stuff for a grander purpose and therefore I shouldn’t feel guilty for not reading for pleasure. Right? Right.

I Am Wearing: pants and an Eskimo Joes shirt.

In The Kitchen: Again I’m not totally in charge of the kitchen anymore. It’s been really hard to let go of the “control” of the household duties. I shouldn’t complain, because the hubs is doing his damndest to do whatever necessary to try and make me happy and I will not complain, as I know he really is trying. This is a new adjustment for both of us; cause even when I was working, I was still in control of the kitchen/household.

I Am Creating: I’m actually looking for new crafty Christmas decor ideas that are easy and doable in one night. As if I don’t have anything else to do. HA! I did create more of those cute magazine Christmas trees to set around the house. They take a little bit of time to do but are so mindless and easy and they look so nifty.

Around The House: I am trying to catch up on laundry, see my thoughts above. I also got the tree up. I’m just not sure how busy the next few weeks are going to be and then wham before I know it Christmas will be here, so the tree is up and done.

Plans For The Rest of The Week: I’ve kind of got a slight cold but should be ok for work, though my voice goes froggy for a bit so that should be interesting. I also plan to get S’s baby shower invites out. I’m trying to decide if I’m going to make them with my mad Illustrator skillz or just go out and buy them. Depends on how crafty I’m feeling. Hope your ok with generic cards S if I lose that crafty feeling.

Picture Thought: I think my camera has a bad cell in the battery. I completely charge it and take a few pics and then the instant I plug it up to the computer it totally dies. Which makes things a pain the a**. Any who, in case you missed it, I’d like you to meet our new addition to the family. Sylvia. What, you don’t name your cars? Needless to say I’m actually looking forward to driving to work tomorrow. Fair the well “old red” we’ll miss you and all your quirks. You really were a good ol girl but it was time to head to the retirement garage.


2 thoughts on “The Day Book Nov 29th or 30th

  1. Pleased to meet you Sylvia! πŸ™‚

    I keep thinking, “Oh man, winter is here,” when we get a cold day and then the rest of the week will be fine. I’m just gonna stop trying to predict the weather as I clearly don’t know what I’m talking about. πŸ™‚

    MM likes to take all the clothes out of his dresser and try them on during naptime. This equals laundry hell, so I can totally relate to your little laundry rant above. Seriously.

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