It’s Not You It’s Me

Some random shall we?

-I’m going to take a small bloggy hiatus. I’m sure you won’t miss me a bit, as I’ve been rattling my nonsense for 30 days straight. I’m still going to be around of course. I can’t not be around. I am planning to shorten my blog feeder as it’s so dang overwhelming to see over 135 un read posts and then try it and gulp it down in one sitting. If your reading this, this does not mean your blog goes on the chopping block. I love ya to much for that. I’ve just got way to many and 90% of the time it’s a quick skim and a lot of mark post as read doings. My kids do actually like to see me other than my nose dived into the computer the instant I get home. My time I has none.

-I wish I would have taken the pic of the birthday cupcake cake for a co-worker today. It was all kinds of cake wreckie. Were talking bright royal purple squiggly curly icing lines everywhere and yellow sparkly confetti. I think there was bright red icing with Happy Birthday, but I can’t be sure that’s what it said. I didn’t get to see it until the end of the day so I missed the shape the cake was supposed to represent. Anyways it was cake wreck perfection.

-Sylvia drives like a dream. Just thought I’d add that in. If your curious why Sylvia? (cause I know you are) She is a light silver color, in day light she actually looks white and at night she has a silver tone..hence sylvia. I know, the naming thing is a gift. I have to get up extra early and get the kids up as they are heading to work with me so that they can drop me off and get her tinted. Uhm to clarify….the boys are not driving me that would be the hubs. Just so were clear on that. Im not overly excited about this but you gotta do what you gotta do.

-I also want to say that a doubled income is such a relief, even if the hub’s u/e is slowly dwindling down. It’s also a small reassurance that at Christmas we won’t be hurting. Not that we would have been in the first place but you get my drift.

-Its 10PM and I’m still up waiting on MY laundry. I had to figure out who’s laundry was in more dire straights to finish Sunday, the boys or mine. Since the boys were pretty much scraping the bottom of their drawers and wearing shorts in 50 degree weather, I figured they took priority. I’m so hitting my bed once I get the dryer gets going. Yes I’ll so admit to just letting it go until the morning.

Ok I think that’s all. I’ll be around at some point.


3 thoughts on “It’s Not You It’s Me

  1. Lots of changes came your way during November… Here’s hoping that during your break you have a wonderful Christmas and get some rest!
    Oh, and I think I need a new address for you! 😉

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