New Moon, New Team, Review

Now that we’ve cleared up any kind of questions you may have had about my craze that is Twilight. In all seriousness, I really enjoyed the books, and the movie(s), but I wouldn’t consider myself a crazed obsessive fan. Just so you know I’m not “one of those” Twilighters”.

Now on with the review…

I actually was impressed with it for the most part. The story kept you going and was not rushed whatsoever, in fact I’d almost say they drug it out a bit. I’m guessing they learned their lesson from the first. I was also impressed how true to the book they stayed. I’m almost positive they didn’t leave a single thing out, nor changed plot sequence or try to do anything crazy to the story. Granted it has been well over a year since I read New Moon. I went in with somewhat low expectations just have to when it comes to book to movies. I came out very satisfied.
Now this doesn’t mean it was the greatest movie ever, cause it wasn’t, but I did go give it the benefit of the doubt. I could see where some reviewers may not think too highly of it. I’m still keeping the thought in my head that this is all focused for the “kids” the 22 and under crowd. The kids I’m sure drank it up. There were still the over dramatic pauses. Kristen Stewart still bugs the crap out of me, but I was able to push her and Ed out of my head, to not let it ruin the movie. Yes Ed still has the bad make- up, in fact I think it was worse. The sparkle didn’t impress me much either, though I think it was supposed to be more subtle this round.
Jaccob however balanced out all of the downsides. I seriously could and would jump on the Team Jaccob bandwagon just because hello hotness. Here is where I also say I like short hair, scantily clad, rain pouring down on him, majorly buff Jaccob…ahem but I digress. Still photographs for some reason did him no justice to show the buffness, in fact I would admit he did nothing for me in some pics I saw of him around the internet. Not that I was searching for Jaccob pics on the internet, I’m just sayin.

At this point you may be thinking I’m totally and completely babbling…and your correct.

To sum it up: I highly recommend it if your a big fan. The storyline is completely there and it did not sway from the book at all, it even showed the “depression era months” which I thought was great. Try not to let the over dramatization or Ed’s makeup get in the way of the actual story. Just enjoy the story in the movie for a change.


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