My Thoughts Again On The Twilight Series

I wrote this Thanksgiving Day and then opted to hold off for the weekend.
I know what your thinking, no thankful Thanksgiving post? I feel most thankful every day and today is no exception, I just wanted talk about Twilight… k? k. (Not to mention the hubs is taking me to see New Moon any minute now and I’m a teeny bit anxious.)

There is such a strong dividing line of controversy on the Twilight series and I’m not talking Team Edward or Team Jaccob. I’m talking those who just out right hate, hate, hate it, and those who love, love, love it. I guess it wouldn’t be the American way if it weren’t this way. I just have some thoughts about it and want to share my humble O.

-For those who think Stephanie Meyers books are poorly written crap, I say this…. From what I learned from Stephanie Meyer on Oprah, SHE HAD NEVER WRITTEN A SINGLE BOOK BEFORE, NOR HAD ANY KIND OF WRITING EXPERIENCE. ( I probably didn’t need to yell sorry!) Anne Rice and Steven King she is not and that’s ok.
I say kudos to her for having the guts and support to just go for it anyway. I myself probably wouldn’t have had the cahonies to do something like that, me myself who has dreamed of writing her own book since a child, when I was writing my own little stories, doing the journal thing, and making up little song ditties. I think she was very brave to write something based on dreams she had..but that’s just me.

-Also, the books were primarily targeted for TWEENS, TEENS, and YA. That means in my humble O, this genre of writing is a bit “simpler” which makes sense to me, especially for a newbie writer. I’m sure her publisher was aware of her newbieness and why they felt she might do better in that genre. They probably had never fathomed that adults would fall in love with it.

-I will also say that I liked some books better than others(who didnt?). Breaking Dawn did nothing for me, in fact there was a flair button on facebook that said something like, when Jaccob imprinted, I threw the book out the window. Yeah that’s about how I felt. (Hopefully I didn’t give to much away.) I also felt it was a weak ending, nothing compared to the edge of your seat feeling I had reading Twilight. Not to say I didn’t enjoy it, it just wasn’t my top fave.

– I admit I’m looking forward to Midnight Sun but I’m not sure. Do I really want to read Edwards side? Will it ruin it?

Now the movies are a whole ‘nother animal. At least for Twilight, I haven’t seen New Moon just yet. Don’t worry, my review for it will be tomorrow. I truly can’t wait to see and review it.

First I want to make this very clear. Robert Pattinson does absolutely nothing for me, believe I’ve actually really kind of tried to like him just so I could enjoy “him” more in the movie. I just can’t. There is just something about him that I can’t figure out, but I think it has something to do with his pasty white skin, that chisled statuesqe jawline, and the hair lord help me the hair. Even though I guess he looks “buff” he looks all kinds of bulimic to me but this isn’t about what RP looks like.

When I first saw the first movie in the theaters, I came in with a very low expectation and from all the reviews on blogs I read, it didn’t disappoint, but it didn’t quite satisfy either. It probably also didn’t help that we missed a good 30 minutes of it.
Fastforward to when it came out on video and I really really enjoyed it so much more. Im not sure what it was. Sure it had those annoying dramatic pauses, and the makeup gah the make up, but it didn’t seem half bad on a smaller screen. Maybe it’s cause our T.V. is so old that we aren’t quite in to the high def age. Who knew being behind the times would be helpful? Anyways I have seen the first movie a couple of times at home and got over all the “flaws” and just re enjoyed the story again.

I’m looking forward to New Moon. I actually haven’t seen many blogger reviews on it at all, which kind of surprises me. I’m going in with the same expectation as Twilight, I don’t expect it to overly impress me much. Who knows maybe it will surprise me.


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